Goodenough College launches 2018 Annual telephone campaign

The time of year is upon us again. Every November we gather a team of 24 Members who spend three weeks calling Alumni around the world. The campaign aim is to raise vital funds for the College and to re-connect Alumni with life in Mecklenburgh Square.


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The team consists of Members representing 18 countries:  Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of South Sudan, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Israel, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia.

Our telephone campaign continues not only to provide vital funds for the College but also to re-connect our global Alumni community and provides a unique and invaluable experience for our Members. All gifts, small or large, are greatly appreciated.

You can find the list of our Member callers below:

Arunima Gupta, Benjamin Abonyi, Byron Taylor, David Mahon, Dut Deng, Karina Chinguel, Karla Macias Gomez, Louise Maria Giansante Martins, Luis Camacho, Mariana Ibrahim, Memta Jagtiani, Miaomiao Li, Nur Qistina Tengku, Olivier Giguère, Or Bainhoren, Qi Sun, Rajapriyah Anmpalagan, Sarmad Aziz, Shruti Deb, Simon Perry, Sophie Sparrow, Sultan Alotaibi, Trisha Dassrath and Vanessa Elliott

To learn more about the Annual campaign please click here

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