Goodenough College wins gold in the CASE Circle of Excellence Awards 2015

Goodenough College is proud to announce that is has been awarded Gold in the 2015 CASE Circle of Excellence Awards for its new short recruitment video "I am Goodenough: Meet Huey".

CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) is the leading organisation for marketing and development in Higher Education. Its annual Circle of Excellence Awards have international recognition and attract entries from all over the world.

"I am Goodenough: Meet Huey" focusses on Huey Yee Yoong, a Malaysian Member of the College. It explains how she came to apply to Goodenough and her experiences settling into the College. It was made by Leo Jimenez, also a Member of the College.

In making their award, the judges said:

"This video does a nice job making an unknown institution feel familiar, and making one of the world's largest cities seem personal... Sells its strength of being in the centre of London seamlessly, makes the viewer feel as though s/he would be comfortable and known. Completed with a smaller budget than many other entries, this video has the appearance of a more expensive project - that takes talent and creativity. Lovely shot at the end of the video of the various foods at "the table," which aligns nicely with the voiceover."

Goodenough College Director Andrew Ritchie said:

"It is a remarkable achievement for the College to have won such a prestigious award. The "I am Goodenough" videos were the first of their kind for the College and it is great to see that they have been so well received by industry peers, as well as our own Members and Alumni, and indeed prospective Members. The videos are testament to our wonderfully talented Members and Leo Jimenez should be congratulated for capturing the spirit of the College so well within the videos he produced. Well done to everyone involved".

"I am Goodenough: Meet Huey" is one of three videos which were filmed and produced by Leo Jimenez (WGH 13-14). Each video focusses on a different Member and tells their story of their time at the College and how living here has enhanced their studies and life in London. The video series is entitled "I am Goodenough" to reflect the fact that it is the community and Members who really make Goodenough the special place that it is. Each video can be watched as a single entity to give viewers a flavour of what life is like at the College, or as a set of three to get a more in depth view.

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