"Diversity, Pluralism and the Future of Citizenship" conference in partnership with the Trudeau Foundation

At the beginning of March, Goodenough College hosted a conference on Diversity, Pluralism and the Future of Citizenship in partnership with the Trudeau Foundation, which formed part of the College’s Transnationalism Week.

The event brought together Members, Governors and staff of the College with the Trudeau Foundation community and a vast range of experts from the UK and further afield. The result was a day and a half of intense, thought-provoking and inspiring debate about the complex problems of diversity and citizenship in the modern world.

The Conference began with a Port Talk highlighting the challenges faced by legislators on both sides of the Atlantic involving Baroness Falkner, Chairman of the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Policy Committee on Foreign Affairs in the House of Lords, and Arif Virani (WGH 01-02), Liberal Party MP in Canada.

The event continued the following day with three panel discussions led by carefully selected speakers from government, NGOs, academia and the private sector, as well as Members of the College and Trudeau communities. The panel topics were “Inside Borders: From migration to participation: Responses to immigration and changing demographics”; “Outside Borders: Addressing the international crisis of displacement”; and “Beyond Borders: Transnational identity, diasporas, and global citizens”. All three panels stimulated wide-ranging debate and discussion amongst the large audience gathered in the Great Hall.

The College and the Trudeau Foundation gratefully thank all the speakers for their time and commitment.

Some photos from the event can be viewed below.


L-R: Baroness Falkner, Chairman of the Liberal Democrats Parliamentary Policy Committe on Foreign Affairs in the House of Lords; Arif Virani (WGH 01-02) Liberal Party MP in Canada; John Lotherington, College Governor and Program Consultant for the Salzburg Global Seminar.


L-R: Bessma Momani, 2015 Trudeau Fellow and Professor of Political Science, University of Waterlool; Yvonne Agyei, Vice-President for International People Operations, Google; Martin Ruhs, Associate Professor of Political Economy, Kellogg College, University of Oxford; Marie Deschamps, 2015 Trudeau Mentor and former Justice of the Supremem Court of Canada; Anwar Akhtar, Director of www.thesamosa.co.uk.


The Honorable Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario


Inez Freiin von Weiterhausen (LH 11-present) studying PhD in International Relations at London School of Economics & Political Science.


Photographs taken by Jason Keffert.

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