Founder's Day

On Tuesday 4th October we celebrated the 85th anniversary of the opening of Goodenough College by our Founder, Frederick Craufurd Goodenough. To quote from our history: 

‘Time begins on 4th October 1931, the day on which the first residents of London House arrived’ 

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Goodenough died soon after his vision was realised but in his memory the College keeps 4th October each year as Founders’ Day, which represents the traditional start of the Goodenough Year. The bust of Frederick Goodenough looks down on the London House Quad and his portrait hangs in the Great Hall; he gives his name to ‘Freddie’s’ Restaurant.

For this special anniversary, we celebrated his life and the lives of other Founders and Benefactors of this special place. Their vision is captured in the College motto ‘Unity in wisdom: none shall separate’.

The programme began at 5.30pm with the following sequence of events:

  • 5.30pm Proclamation of recently elected Fellows of the College (London House Quad)
  • 5.45pm An Order of Commemoration and Thanksgiving (College Chapel)
  • 6.15pm Founders’ Day Reception (London House Vestibule)
  • 7.30pm The Founders’ Day Oration by Professor Rene Weis, President of the College’s Advisory Council of Governors (Great Hall)
It was wonderful to see so many of you join the Governors, Fellows and members of staff for the evening’s events celebrating such an important anniversary, and we look forward to seeing you all make the most of your time here at Goodenough College in the new academic year.
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