Opera returns to Goodenough College: Bloomsbury Opera presents Tahiti!

On 25 & 26 March at 8pm, Bloomsbury Opera opens the doors of Goodenough College’s Great Hall and invites you to step into Tahiti!, a double bill in which Leonard Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti is prefaced by the world premiere of Pacific Pleasures, a new opera by Alannah Marie Halay on a libretto by Jorge Balça.


tahiti poster-01Directed by Jorge Balça, Karin Hendrickson conducts a vibrant and talented orchestra of young musicians. As our Tahiti! unfolds, the five-strong ensemble cast of Joshua Baxter, Rebecca Cuddy, Eleri Gwilym, Edward Laurenson and Ashley Mercer will ask you to consider ‘what’s your Tahiti?’

Set in a typical residential suburb, Tahiti! tells the story of a young couple who, despite apparently having all the key ingredients for happiness and having been afforded all the opportunities to hold on to it and be truly happy, alas … are not.

Using a range of dramatic strategies, such as physical theatre and puppeteering, Tahiti! explores the extent to which our lives are already mapped out even before we start living them.

It questions the degree of agency we believe we have, and highlights our seemingly chronic resistance to making changes, even when current events force us to face the undisputable failure of our plans.

Tickets priced at £8 for members (limited time only) are available at


Tickets are priced at £12 for non-members and are available at


Enjoy the show! #WhatsYourTahiti


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