Founders' Day 2017

On Wednesday 4th October we celebrated the 86th anniversary of the opening of Goodenough College by our Founder, Frederick Craufurd Goodenough. To quote from our history: ‘Time begins on 4th October 1931, the day on which the first residents of London House arrived’ 

Founders Day 2017 Fellows

Goodenough died soon after his vision was realised but in his memory the College keeps 4th October each year as Founders’ Day, which represents the traditional start of the Goodenough Year. The bust of Frederick Goodenough looks down on the London House Quad and his portrait hangs in the Great Hall; he gives his name to ‘Freddie’s Cafe'. 

For this special anniversary, we celebrated his life and the lives of other Founders and benefactors of this special place. Their vision is captured in the College motto ‘Unity in wisdom: none shall separate’. 

Founders Day 2017 Eric

The Founders’ Day Oration was by Eric Tracey, Chairman of the Board.

Please click here to download a full copy of the Founders' Day Oration 

Eric spoke movingly on the College's ideals in a post-Brexit Britain and with pride about Goodenough College's identity as a home to international postgraduate students of such academic diversity:

We stand for the encouragement of respect and understanding between individuals, between nations and between faiths. This is clearly as important in the world today as it was in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, when Frederick Goodenough’s vision was so boldly imagined and then created

We are sure that the College will continue to live up to the ideals of our Founders over the course of this academic year. We are proud to represent such a wide range of members studying such a diverse range of subjects, and we are sure, as Eric said, that our Founders would share this sentiment:

Our Founder would be proud indeed that we currently have near 80 countries represented here and that our Members are studying a range of subjects unimaginable in 1931

Founders Day 2017 Service

The following were proclaimed as new Fellows this year:

The Revd Professor John Barton FBA is the Oriel and Laing Professor Emeritus of Holy Scripture in the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Oriel College. He has had close contact with the College in the past and will assist with the College’s observance of the 500th anniversary of the German Reformation on 31st October 2017.

Michael Binyon OBE is a distinguished journalist and diplomatic correspondent. An avid leader writer at the Times, Michael is a former Master Leatherseller in the City of London and has led the most recent Dean’s Seminar in Berlin on ‘The Political Idea of Europe’.

Simon Bragg is a City businessman, entrepreneur and angel investor. The Founder of Oriel Securities, he now is a wide ranging investor across many business sectors. He provides skills week sessions on entrepreneurship in the College.

William Chapman CVO is Private Secretary to the Rt Hon the Lord Mayor of London at Mansion House. He was previously Crown Appointments Secretary at Number 10. He is frequently in attendance at College City of London events.

Catherine McGuinness is Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee of the Corporation of London and Deputy for the Ward of Castle Baynard. She is a specialist in financial law and has been a frequent speaker at College.

Professor Michael Mainelli is Alderman for the Ward of Broad Street in the City of London, Gresham Professor Emeritus of Business and Director of the Z/Yen Group. He has given a City Lecture to the College.

Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal is Professor of Banking and Finance Law at Queen Mary, University of London. He delivered the 2017 Annual Faculty Lecture in Law.

Anni Rowland Campbell is a global internet guru and the Director of Intersticia. She delivered the ‘Managing your Digital Brand’ Seminar at Goodenough in 2017.

Chris Turpin is a City businessman, the Managing Director of First State Investments in London. He works closely with the College to deliver seminars on the challenges of business ethics.

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