Annual Review and Accounts

To comply with charity legislation, Goodenough College produces the Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statements. The financial statements have been presented in the format required by the Statement of Recommended Practice Accounting and Reporting by Charities. The current and previous years’ Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statements can be found below.

The College also produces an Annual Review each year, please select from the list below to download a copy

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The Chapel of St. Augustine


Amongst the exciting activity of central London and the stress and strains of studying, the Chapel of St Augustine of Canterbury remains a place of quiet reflection,
prayer and community life. Members, staff and visitors spend time in the Chapel at all times of day and night: its doors are never shut. Regular services are held throughout
the week; solemn and celebratory ceremonies are held here; groups meet; concerts take place. During the academic year new members are welcomed here; the founders
of the College are commemorated; the dedication of the Chapel and its patron, St. Augustine of Canterbury, is marked.

The Chapel is not only for people with Christian faith; rather, it is a holy place where everyone can be at home and at peace. The Chapel is a gift for us all because it is a
place where we can simply be, without the pressure of being useful, profitable, active or even meaningful. Pleasure, hope, love and friendship is nurtured and treasured

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Patron, Governors & Fellows

Goodenough College is a charitable foundation and relies on generating its own income from rents, catering, conferences and events and donations from Alumni and supporters.


Patron - Her Majesty The Queen

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Patron of Goodenough College. She has visited many times and takes an active interest in College affairs. Her most recent visit took place on 1st December 2016.


The College is governed by an Advisory Council which may consist of up to 50 Governors, most of whom have to be elected to the role. There are currently 30 elected and nine ex-officio Governors.

Governing Board

Up to 15 Governors are also elected to the Board, the executive body responsible for the management of the College. The Board Members are the Trustees of the College as a charity. The Board regularly refers to the Advisory Council for advice concerning the direction and strategy of the College.

President of the Advisory Council


Professor René Weis

René Weis is Professor of English Literature at University College London (UCL) where he has taught for many years. He is a Shakespearian scholar and has edited King Lear, Henry IV Part 2, and most recently Romeo and Juliet. He has also edited the plays of John Webster and is the author of Shakespeare Revealed: A Biography, and of Criminal Justice: The True Story of Edith Thompson. His book The Yellow Cross: The Story of the Last Cathars has been translated into seven languages. In 2009 he was awarded a three-year Major Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship for a book on the genesis of Verdi's opera La Traviata. He is the University of London Trustee of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and is an Alumnus of Goodenough College.

Chairman of the Board

eric tracey 2

Mr Eric Tracey

Eric Tracey was elected Chairman of the Board of Goodenough College in September 2016, having served as a Governor since 2005. He has a Master of Commerce degree from Auckland University and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He was a partner of Deloitte in London from 1980 to 2004 and subsequently completed a number of commercial Finance Director and Non-Executive Director roles. He is currently also Chairman of a small Investment Management Company and the UK Friends of Auckland University, a Council Member of the Stroke Association and a Non- Executive Director of Findel Plc.

He and his wife, Patricia, divide their lives between Westminster and Wiltshire and an annual holiday in New Zealand. He still plays cricket (including annually hosting a match against the College) and he and his wife enjoy opera, ballet, theatre and international rugby and cricket.

Board of Trustees

  • Eric Tracey (Chairman)
  • Alex Acland
  • David Brooks Wilson
  • Andrew Brown, QC
  • Hugh Crossley
  • James Douglas
  • Fabian French
  • Fiona Kirk
  • Dame Maura McGowan
  • Charles McGregor
  • Hon Philip Remnant, CBE
  • Martin Schwab
  • Graham Ward, CBE

Emeritus Governors

  • Lord Fellowes
  • Lady Fretwell
  • John Polk
  • Sir Christopher Wates

Elected Governors

  • Alex Acland
  • Lord Bilimoria
  • David Brooks Wilson
  • Andrew Brown, QC
  • Chris Cobb
  • Corey Cook
  • Hugh Crossley
  • Dr Grahame Davies
  • James Douglas
  • Fabian French
  • Sir William Goodenough
  • Deborah Goodwin
  • Constance Jackson
  • Fiona Kirk
  • John Lotherington
  • Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas, DBE
  • Dame Maura McGowan
  • Charles McGregor
  • David McCahon
  • Safa Naraghi
  • The Hon Philip Remnant, CBE
  • Anni Rowland-Campbell
  • Martin Schwab
  • Deborah Scott
  • Maureen Simpson
  • Rani Suleman
  • Eric Tracey
  • Mary Walker
  • Graham Ward, CBE, FCA
  • Professor Stuart Ward
  • Dr Hazel Woodward
  • Sir David Wootton

Ex-Officio Governors

  • Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford
  • Professor Sir Adrian Smith, FRS, Vice-Chancellor, University of London
  • Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Jane Dacre, President, Royal College of Physicians
  • Mr Nick Parker, President ICAEW
  • Mr Andrew Langdon QC
  • Mr Ciarán Devane, Chief Executive, British Council
  • Sir Stephen Toope, Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge

Goodenough Fellows

The College has over 30 formally elected Fellows whose role is to act as ambassadors for the College in the wider community, assist in recruitment of strong candidates for College Membership and add to the kudos of Goodenough College through their own distinguished standing (academic or otherwise).

Within the College they act as mentors and careers advisers for Members and Alumni in their area of expertise, bolster the College's extra-curricular programme of events by giving Port Talks, chairing debates and seminars and generally act as inspirational role models. 

List of Fellows

Arts & Humanities Faculty

  • Professor John Adams, Emeritus Professor of Geography, University College London
  • Professor Caroline Barron, Professor Emerita of Mediaeval History, Royal Holloway 
  • Reverend Professor John Barton DLitt  FBA, Theologian
  • Professor Jo Beall, Director Education & Society, The British Council
  • Robert Boas, Cultural Philanthropist
  • Dr Grahame Davies, Poet, novelist, editor and literary critic
  • Dr Melissa Dickson (WGH 2012-2016), Postdoctoral Researcher, St Anne’s College, Oxford
  • Robert Dukes, Artist, Art Historian, Lecturer at HRH The Prince of Wales's Drawing School
  • Tom Freudenheim, Museums Consultant, and formerly Director, the Gilbert Collection,
  • Dr Owen Gower, Programme Director, Cumberland Lodge,
  • Dr Orla Kiely OBE, Fashion Designer,
  • Dr Sam Moorhead, Finds Adviser for Iron Age and Roman Coins, British Museum
  • Dr Paul Roberts Sackler, Keeper of Antiquities, The Ashmolean Museum
  • Dr John Snelson, Head of Publishing & Interpretation at the Royal Opera House
  • Professor Stuart Ward, Professor of European Imperial History in the University of Copenhagen
  • Professor René Weis FRSA (LH 1978-1981), Professor of English, University College London

Medical & Natural Sciences Faculty

  • Professor Andrew Carr, Professor of Orthopaedics, Oxford University
  • Professor John Danesh, Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine, Cambridge University
  • Professor George Ellison, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Leeds University
  • Professor Tom Shakespeare, Professor of Disability Research, Norwich Medical School

Law Faculty

  • Mr Michael Bowes QC, Joint Head of Outer Temple Chambers and Bencher of Middle Temple
  • Sir Roy Goode CBE QC, Emeritus Professor of Law and Emeritus Fellow, St John’s College, Oxford
  • Dr Austin Lovegrove, Honorary Principal Fellow in the Law School and formerly Head of Criminology, University of Melbourne
  • Ms Deputy Catherine McGuinness, Chairman of Policy and Resources, the Corporation of London
  • Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal,  Chair in Banking and Finance Law, Queen Mary, University of London School of Law
  • Mr Stuart Shilson LVO (LH 1991-1993), Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc
  • Professor Geraldine van Bueren QC, Professor of International Human Rights Law at Queen Mary, London

Business Faculty

  • Mr Simon Bragg, businessman, investor and founder of The London Leg Up Fund
  • Professor Simon Commander, Managing Partner Altura Advisers, and Professor of Economics, at the Instituto de Empresa, Madrid
  • Dr John Fingleton, CEO, Fingleton Associates
  • Dr Eric Jackman, Chairman of Invicta Investments and the Jackman Foundation
  • Professor Michael Mainelli, Alderman for the Ward of Broad Street, Executive Chairman Y/Zen, City of London
  • Christopher Palmer-Tomkinson, 
  • Anni Rowland-Campbell, (WGH1985-1987), Director of Intersticia
  • Mr Chris Turpin, Managing Director, First State Investments, London
  • Dr Bernard Weinstein (LH 1963-1964), Associate Director of the Maguire Energy Institute, Southern Methodist University, USA

Political & Social Sciences Faculty

  • Michael Binyon OBE, English Journalist and eminent foreign correspondent 
  • Mr William Chapman, Private Secretary to the Rt Hon the Lord Mayor, Mansion House, London
  • Professor Christopher Coker, Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics 
  • Baroness Cox of Queensbury in Greater London, Founder and President. of Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust
  • Professor Mick Cox, Director of LSE IDEAS and Professor Emeritus of International Relations at London School of Economics, and Associate Research Fellow, Chatham House
  • Professor Christopher Hughes, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics
  • Mr John Lotherington, Programme Director at Salzburg Global Seminar
  • Professor Dame Henrietta Moore FBA, Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity and Chair in Philosophy Culture and Design at University College London
  • Dr Bill Palmer (WGH 2002-2008), Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Professor Tim Shaw, Formerly Director of University of the West Indies Institute of International Relations
  • Baron Wallace of Saltaire, Emeritus Professor at the London School of Economics

What's on at Goodenough College

December 2015

9th - Christmas Concert

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12th - Christmas Ball

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January 2016

15th - Port Talk: "How to Command a Room" by Joe Blogs

Blurb about Port Talk

What we do

Goodenough College is an independent educational charity. Situated in one of central London's most beautiful garden squares, its mission is 'to develop future leaders by providing a welcoming residential community for outstanding international postgraduate students and their families, irrespective of background, where mutual understanding and respect are fostered and intellectual, cultural and social interactions are nurtured'.

We provide a safe and caring community that allows our residents (known as Members) to expand their horizons academically, socially and culturally.

Goodenough College has over 700 Members and their families from 77 countries. Our members study at many of London's universities including UCL, Kings, LSE, CIty of London University, and many more. 


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