Vishesh & Ali’s Story

Vishesh Chandiok, India (LH, 1997-99)

Ali Hassan Sajjad, Pakistan (LH, 1997-98)

vishesh-storyVishesh and Ali are amongst the first Alumni to take up this new opportunity to name their old room at Goodenough College. "As soon as we heard about room naming, we wanted to do it" said Ali, now a Lawyer in Pakistan, "and it had to be Room 124!"

Vishesh lived in Room 124, on the first floor of London House, 1997-98; Ali moved into the same room afterwards. Ali stated, "We've been friends ever since... and that room was where it started. We each have so many great memories of living there. We had to name it before anyone else did!"

Even though Vishesh, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton India, lives in New Delhi, the friends often see each other. He said, "Whenever Ali visits, we end up reminiscing about London House. Naming a room is a great way for us to give back to the College; it is a very important part of our lives and we are thrilled that we shall be a part of its future as well."

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