Bill’s Story

Bill Way, USA (LH 1980-81)

MSc Economics, LSE

bill-story"Goodenough College was indeed a special place. As an LSE graduate student, I had a wonderful educational experience. However the education did not stop at LSE, continuing into the halls of London House and the gardens of Mecklenburgh Square. GC was an international nexus of new experiences and global education. While the diploma went into a frame on the wall, the friendships and the experiences have lasted a lifetime. The Square was but a small space but the GC residents expanded Mecklenburgh Square into a much larger global geography. I would experience the wonders of new countries, cultures and even sports.

That I have chosen to name a room is a bit ironic. For the only time spent in the room was the few hours of (precious) sleep every night. It was the common areas, the pub, the library, the squash and tennis court where the best times were spent. And lasting memories formed. To paraphrase Mark Twain "I have never let my (LSE) schooling interfere with my (London House) education".

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