Meet our Callers 2016

As part of our Bright Futures Annual Fund, the College runs a telephone camapaign every winter to reconnect with Alumni around the world and to ask for their financial support. The calls are made in London House by a team of our enthusiastic Members who look forward to sharing stories of Mecklenburgh Square, old and new.

Below you can meet this year's team of Members who called Alumni between 7th and 27th November.

Ariana Huebner

I was born in Germany into a very international family. My mother is croatian, my father is german and I grew up in the United States. In my Undergrad I studied mathematics and I am currently getting a MRes in Modelling Biological Complexity at UCL. I am very grateful to be living in such a wonderful environment as Goodenough and am trying to help make it even better through organizing a choir and participating in as many events as possible

Liz Vasquez

I'm originally from Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Bloomsbury in 2012 for a year-long MA in Cultural Heritage at UCL. After many months of travel, most recently to learn building conservation techniques in Israel and take part in archaeological fieldwork in Belize, I'm thrilled to be back in London with my partner while he studies Migration and Development at SOAS. The College has provided an instant community for us and I'm very excited get more involved in the incredible array of activities on offer!

Stéphanie Zummo

I am a French Canadian from the beautiful city of Montreal. I recently started a one-year master’s course in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation at the London School of Economics (LSE). Before that, I was working as an export specialist for Pratt & Whitney Canada, an aircraft engine manufacturer. The aerospace sector is great, but I wanted to go back to university and learn about management of technologies. I love to travel and to discover new cities. Goodenough College is the best possible place to enjoy all that London has to offer.

Pei Ann Yeo

I come from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and I am currently studying for a PhD in Music at King's College London. I play the violin and my research is on how gender and race are treated in jazz performance. Being a recipient of the Goodenough PhD scholarship has made it possible for me to live at Goodenough while giving me the opportunity to explore so many interests and activities that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I look forward to contributing back by raising funds for the purpose of giving other students similar opportunities to live at Goodenough, knowing that the experience they will receive is priceless!

Rosie Woodward

I am a Masters student of Applied Theatre at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I been living in Los Angeles with my husband and young daughter for the past 6 years and am thrilled at the opportunity to reside at Goodenough during my studies. This is a magical environment, full of cultural gems and other opportunities such as the Parents Club, which is invaluable as an instant community to raise our children within..  We love being part of this International family.

Gabriela Vincencio

I’m the mother of two lovely kids and am a trained social worker with a specialization in social welfare.  I moved to London from Chile to accompany my husband who is doing a PhD in sustainable urbanism at UCL.  During our short stay in the college we’ve already built our home away from home as the facilities that the college provides for children and the opportunity to join the Parents Club has helped us settle in quickly and smoothly.  I’m looking forward to helping maintain the benefit that the college provides to families in an environment of diversity, respect and that encourages personal growth.

Isabella Troconis

I was born and raised in Venezuela but over the past 8 years I have studied and worked in Spain, France, Mexico, United States, Uganda and now the UK. After graduating in Political Sciences, I started my career in international development at the Organization of American States in Washington D.C. I became passionate about climate change and conservation after managing a regional sustainability program for the Americas which supports young people to create business solutions to access water and increase recycling,. I recently undertook a project in Uganda where I managed a social solar energy start-up that aimed to incorporate young women in the growing solar energy sector in Uganda. Now I am back at university studying for a Msc in Environmental Policy and Regulation at LSE. After 6 weeks at Goodenough College I already feel at home at the best place to live in London while studying!

Stacee Smith

I’m from Bermuda and currently studying the MA (Legal Practice Course with Business) at BPP Law School. I love the arts and I particularly enjoy playing the piano, singing and writing. International affairs and travelling are also keen interests of mine. I feel so privileged to be a part of this stimulating community and as a recipient of a renewal bursary it is an honour to be able to represent the College in a manner that will enable its excellent standard to be maintained, and provide this once in a lifetime opportunity to future members.

Jane Rose Shikuri

I am Kenyan and am married with four incredible children. I am pursuing a PhD in Leadership with reference to Security and Development at King's College London. Staying at Goodenough College has been such a blessing for me as l have been able to acclimatize myself much faster to London. The diversity in the College is exceptional and you get to meet and interact with students from all over the world. As a beneficiary of the Goodenough College Commonwealth Scholarship l feel privileged to be involved in raising funds that will support the next generation of  students. 

Monique Rose

I was born and raised in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica, a sweet little island that packs a big punch. I am a Chevening Scholar studying for a MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development at UCL. I am also the coordinator of the African and Caribbean Club here at Goodenough.  Reflecting on the immeasurable opportunities and benefits that I have received from becoming a member of Goodenough College, I would like to do as much as I can to contribute to the college life and urge others to get involved as well.

Rodolfo Acevedo Rodriguez

Born in Mexico I moved to the UK at the age of twelve. Before studying Architecture at Oxford Brookes University, I travelled across South America and volunteered in a number of institutions, such as the Botanical Gardens in Rio de Janeiro. Having graduated and worked as an intern at an architectural firm in London, I went on to complete a Masters in Architecture at UCL. I then worked as an architect on a number of large scale projects in the UK, notably the redevelopment of the Olympic Park, and I also worked in the Middle East, in particular Qatar and Dubai. More recently, I have undertaken a second Masters in Architectural History at the University of Cambridge, where I am specializing in the study of Medieval Architecture in England.

Moriah Mulroe

I am an American from Chicago, Illinois. I am studying for a MSc in the Integrated Management of Freshwater Environments at Queen Mary University of London, which combines my loves of chemistry and hydrology. I am very grateful for the warm welcome I received this past September from the Goodenough Community. It will be exciting to reach out to alumni and learn about their experiences as well as to give back to such a dynamic community. 

Ciro Moraes

Born and raised in a small town in the Northeast of Brazil, going out and seeing the world has always been my biggest dream. I can now say I have achieved my dream by living in Goodenough College. It is a vibrant community where I can meet and learn from people from a range of different places and backgrounds while I study for my MSc Public Management and Governance at LSE. I am excited by this opportunity to contribute to the college and help future generations of students enjoy this amazing place!

Khairun Nisa Mohamed

I'm a Chevening scholar pursuing an MSc in Environment and Development at LSE. After spending an amazing year here last year being a full-time mum to my two kids while my husband Max completed his Masters Degree in Climate Change at UCL, I'm really excited to be back on the calling campaign with a completely new perspective on life at Goodenough.  As a recipient of the Goodenough Family Scholarship, it was heartening to chat with alumni from the College who were happy to hear of the experiences my family has had with the Goodenough community and their subsequent willingness to give back to the Bright Futures Fund so others can have as an equally rewarding experience as I have had. All this wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for the generosity of the Goodenough alumni. I look forward to hearing more stories that give life to what it means to be a member at Goodenough.

Selina Hofstetter

I am a Swiss- American in the second year of my PhD in Political Economy at LSE. I spend most of my week on campus, and I love each day of it. But coming home to Goodenough’s quiet and warm environment to share dinner and weekend brunch with new internationally and academically diverse friends, to play tennis or stop by at Port Talks and concerts, allows me to balance head and heart. That is a privilege I am very grateful for. I hope to successfully raise funds for others who would benefit from this opportunity.

Josephine Dixon

I'm from Birmingham, doing an MA in Cultural Heritage at UCL. I am living here with my partner who is also studying. I love how inclusive Goodenough is and I am proud to be part of such a vibrant and diverse community. Working as a telephone campaigner will be a pleasure and I hope that one day I too will be able to donate to Goodenough.

Maximilian Tariq Conrad

I am an environment and sustainability enthusiast from Malaysia who just completed my MSc in Climate Change at UCL in September. The College has been the most amazing place to live with my family while my spouse and I pursue our studies, and our 2 children have loved every moment. The family friendly facilities, support of the community and the many events organized help families feel at home. The generosity of the College in awarding us the Family Scholarship has really helped us to become part of this amazing community and I am eager to give back to the College by sharing our experiences with others and bringing in support for future members.

Manuel Cavaza

I am a journalist from Lisbon, Portugal. I love learning and aim to become a reporter for a major media outlet. I love London so far- it might have to do with the lack of rain that we have been having! I like traveling and have been quite fortunate on that front.

Mario Bernal

I am from Mexico, born and raced in Toluca but lived and worked in Mexico City for the past 5 years. I just started studying for a Master of Public Administration at LSE.  Goodenough College is a great place that complements my experience as an international graduate student. I'm especially enjoying the international environment and being around passionate and amazing people. As it is a privilege to be part of the College, I'm looking forward to giving something back and helping to ensure that this place continues working for many more years!

Mrinalini Banerjee

I’m an Indian from Calcutta, studying for a Masters of Law at King's and I’m so happy to be living in the College this year! An international house where I can learn from and connect with other passionate students from all over the world is exactly what I was looking for and the College is that and so much more. As a beneficiary of the generous assistance of the AFGC award I can’t wait to help raise funds to keep this incredible place going and bring in more support for the next generation of members.
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