Academic & Intellectual Life

Goodenough College is an academic community, with Members from all the major London universities and studying a wide range of academic and professional disciplines.

Our extra-curricular and academic activities can augment and enhance your studies. Alongside the vibrant social-life they are one of the features that make Goodenough College a truly unique place to live. 

Academic Clubs & Societies

We have over 20 different Member run Academic Clubs and Societies, which are funded by the College. If there is not a Club which you would like to join, we will help you create your own.


TEDx is a program of locan, self-organised events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Each year our Members host TEDxGoodenoughCollege, which brings together Members, Alumni and other parties to explore a determined topic or theme. Footage from the 2015 TEDxGoodenoughCollege can be viewed here: 

3 Minute PhD Talk Fest

One of the highlights for many of our Members is attending the annual "3 Minute PhD Talk Fest". In this engaging evening, our PhD students each give a three minute presentation about their thesis, giving a great insight into the diverse topics being explored by our Members. 

Port Talks

Throughout the year, the College holds Port Talks, whereby speakers give a lecture on a variety of topics. Previous Port Talk leaders include the US Ambassador to the Court of St James, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and Holocaust survivor Agnes Grunwald-Spier.

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