Polly Pok-Lam Fung

Country of Origin:

Hong Kong, China


PhD in Oral Medicine, Dentistry at UCL Eastman Dental Institute

polly-pok-lam-fungGoodenough is one of four student residences in London I have stayed in during my graduate studies (MSc and PhD) and it is simply the best! It is opposite the Eastman Dental Institute too, so it is very convenient for me. 

It provides a comfortable environment for studying and relaxing, and I’ve felt safe living in both London House and William Goodenough House. There are also lots of intellectual activities for postgraduates: port talks, PhD talks, cultural events, festivals, outings to London and other parts of the UK. 

Food plays an important role in life at Goodenough too. I have made and tasted a lot of nice food: Japanese Sushi, Curry, Chinese dumplings and hotpot, dining in and out, food parties, children's birthday parties, the Goodenough English Breakfast, Faculty Dinners... Expect lots of nice food at Goodenough – plenty of nice chat in the Buttery!

Living in this kind of international academic community means I have a better appreciation for different cultures. It’s given me a wider view and deeper understanding of the world. 

Most of the Chinese members I meet in Goodenough are Chevening scholars, who are brilliant and friendly. There are also many international members learning Mandarin and planning to work in China in the near future, so it would be nice for us to learn more from each other! 

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