Setsabile Sibisi

Country of Origin:

Swaziland (Southern Africa)


MA International Journalism at City University

setsabile-sibisiGoodenough College was recommended to me by my sponsor as an ideal place to live in whilst studying in the UK. After looking through the College’s website, I fell in love with the rooms and the facilities, particularly the outside spaces such as the garden. It seemed like a great home away from home and the bedrooms looked exquisite.

Goodenough is made up of a community that is willing to help out and support everyone with everything. Life here is a global experience, everyone shares and markets their home countries and traditions, and you learn so much that you feel you have been to many places, not just London!

Being exposed to an international environment gives me a better understanding of issues around the world, which benefits my studies and work as a journalist. The media room and the library at Goodenough offer me a peaceful place to work, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, whilst still being in the centre of London, the media hub of the world.

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