Kate Weeks

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Postdoctoral fellow in the Cardiovascular Division at King's College London

kate-weeksGoodenough is a fantastic place for meeting people from different disciplines. I have found myself discussing my scientific research with economists, literature students, lawyers and musicians. This diversity means that College life is very stimulating, and an incredibly useful experience. It forces me to take a step back from my everyday experiments and discuss the bigger picture, which in turn, helps me to refine my ideas about future experiments and where my research is heading.

We’re lucky to have so many great places to study at Goodenough. If I need a change of scenery from my flat, the library is a very quiet and peaceful place to work. There is access to Wi-Fi throughout the College, so if the weather’s nice, it’s great to work outside in the Fountain Quad or even the Garden.

My husband, Derek, and I feel very much at home at Goodenough. We both enjoy attending College events, and have joined many of the different clubs and societies. I think it is great that the majority of events held at the College are initiated and organised by student Members.

My husband and I have made some very close friends at Goodenough, who we would not have met if we were living elsewhere. A couple of months after moving in, we spent a few days up at The Burn with a group of Members. We barely knew each other before the trip, but now regularly cook dinner for one another, meet up for a drink in the G Bar, and explore the English countryside together.

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