Mia Hunt and Nicholas Thompson with Rowan Hunt-Thompson

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MPhil / PhD in Cultural Geography at Royal Holloway, and Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Stone Carving at City and Guilds of London Art School and Historic Building Conservation at Cambridge University


When we were considering moving to London for Mia’s PhD, she won the scholarship from the London Goodenough Association of Canada (LGAC). We didn’t know what to expect. We were worried at first that Goodenough might feel like a typical halls of residence. But when we arrived we were delighted by the warmth and energy of the place. It didn’t feel like a hall in the least, and now it`s hard to imagine living anywhere else.

We lived in William Goodenough House before the refurbishment. We have now moved back in and are really impressed with what has been done. The flats are fresh and modern, but they have retained the character and they still feel warm and inviting.

We’ve recently had a baby; in fact Rowan was born in our flat! The community has been outstanding. There are around 50 kids in the building right now and all the other parents have been so generous - with their advice, their hand-me-downs and cooking us food in the early days.

This is especially appreciated without our families around. And we think that Rowan will benefit from this too; having friends from every corner of the world over the next couple of years will be amazing for him. He’s a lucky kid to be here, and he won’t forget it; his middle name is Mecklenburgh!

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