Pem Tshering

Country of Origin:

Kingdom of Bhutan


Bar Professional Training Course at City Law School, City University

pem-tsheringIt is an honour and a privilege to be the first Goodenough Member from Bhutan. I do hope that I do my country and my people justice in my unofficial role representing Bhutan in the wonderful Goodenough community.

The advantage of living in an international academic community such as Goodenough is the ability to learn about different places, cultures, customs, and also different academic disciplines that I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to appreciate from my own (legal/Bhutanese) bubble. 

Life at Goodenough complements my studies, in that I am able to continue playing my sport, football, which always helps to clear my mind. The G-Bar is another haven, as it provides the perfect spot to relax with friends, watch football games on the telly, and just chill over a casual drink.

Goodenough College has helped my studies in terms of location, being barely 10 minutes away from classes; the Library, which has been a great place to do my work; and the fantastic facilities, all helping me to stay as stress-free as possible.

Living in London has been brilliant so far. The ability to find something that caters to any interest, any mood, any craving and being a part of this vibrant city has been a dream come true.

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