#18 Robert Sturrock and Julia Davis (LH 2010-11)

Husband and wife, Robert Sturrock and Julia Davis, met at Goodenough College on the new residents’ evening and have been a couple for over a decade. The couple are now based in Sydney, Australia with their two small children.

As a couple all our early relationship memories are from Goodenough. Our first date was to the Royal Albert Hall (RAH) to see the London Symphony perform The Beatles. We nestled up with some wine and cheese and were blown away by the music. That changed our life forever.

Being at Goodenough gave us some wonderful opportunities to explore London’s cultural life. Julia introduced me properly to Jazz by taking me to concerts all over London. We used to study at Southbank during the day and stare out at the Thames. Julia was brought up in Gainsville, Florida and I’m from Sydney so, while at Goodenough, we travelled around the UK and Europe whenever we could, including a trip up to The Burn in Scotland.

Living in an international community also helped me to feel connected to important world affairs. For instance, while I was studying my International Relations Master’s at LSE, the Arab Spring was happening.

That year gave us both a strong emotional connection to the College and London, and a network of friends from all over the world. It was such a special time to just soak up unique life experiences. We’re still in touch with friends in Canada, Portugal, America and the UK. We love following their adventures and careers, especially as some of them start having young children like us.

On leaving Goodenough I worked in the Australian Public Service, a public policy institute and now a children’s education charity. Julia works at a financial rights legal centre, which perfectly fits her Masters thesis (in Human Rights Law) from her time in London.

Life is busy, raising two small children, working and following our extracurricular interests. I’m an advocate for fatherhood and gender equality and had my first book released in March 2020: Man Raises Boy: A revolutionary approach for fathers who want to raise kind, confident and happy sons. Julia is also Chairperson of the Tenancies Union in New South Wales, helping renters during COVID-19.

The pandemic is challenging for everyone but, if you’re coming to Goodenough this year, I recommend you experience as much of College life as you can. I’ve never found another place like it, this hidden gem in the heart of the city. The people are incredibly smart and passionate, the events are amazing, and you have this golden moment in your life to soak up this whole adventure.