A new era for the Chaplaincy

After some 11 years at Goodenough College our wonderful Anglican Chaplain, The Revd Jennie Hogan, will leave us on Monday 5 October, Founders’ Day.

Jennie has recently completed her qualifications as a psychotherapist and plans to open a new private practice at Oxford Circus, while continuing to serve as Associate Priest at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury. We wish Jennie well in this exciting new endeavour and are pleased that she is not going very far!

In her place the work of the College Chaplaincy will be co-ordinated directly by the Dean, The Revd Dr Alan McCormack, and will also continue to benefit from the full and active ministry of the Roman Catholic Chaplain, The Revd Dr Brian Creak, and other local clergy representing many different faiths.

Jennie has been at the heart of our community for 11 years so many Alumni will have spent time with her in one way or another.  Some may have  attended one of the religious celebrations that she has hosted, such as Diwali, Passover or Eid, or attended one of the College’s Christmas Carol Services. Those who remained at the College at Christmas may well have attended a Port and Stilton party – another of Jennie’s initiatives.

Jennie also created links with the Camden Cold Weather Night Shelter. Over the years hundreds of Members volunteered and played an important role at the Shelter simply by getting up early and making beds or cooking breakfasts on a chilly January morning.

Jennie and Goodenough Members making the most of a trip to The Burn

At mid-winter and mid-summer Jennie led trips to The Burn  and Alumni may have happy memories of trips to Dunnottar Castle, ceilidh dancing with visiting Scholars or even swimming in the freezing Loch Lee. Others may have been on a silent retreats to a monastery, or visited Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, or the Neasden Hindu temple with her.

In her time at the College Jennie has been dedicated to encouraging Members of all faiths to not only celebrate religious festivals at the College, but also to inviting us all to learn from each other.

Jennie published a book, This is My Body: A Story of Sickness and Health in 2017 and continues to write in the Church Times. She is currently working on a novel, A Respectable Servant. 

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks go to Jennie for her engagement with staff, Governors and Members alike and her steadfast Chaplaincy work for Goodenough over so many years.