Goodenough College is an educational charity that provides award winning residential accommodation for talented British and international postgraduates and their families studying in London.

The College provides a vibrant community for all those who live here (known as Members) through a unique programme of intellectual, cultural and social activities that aims to provide Members with an international network and a truly global outlook.

Goodenough College has over 700 Members and their families from 77 countries. Our members study at many of London's universities including UCL, Kings, LSE, City, University of London, and many more.

We offer a wide range of Scholarships designed to support students who might not otherwise be able to join us. In 2018-2019 the College was pleased to offer nearly £500,000 in student funding, and 23% of members received some financial assistance. In addition, once at the College, those in their second and subsequent years can apply for bursaries. Furthermore, there is an emergency fund for those who find themselves in sudden difficulty. To learn more about our financial assistance programme, please click here