Alumni support

More than 17,000 Goodenough Alumni live and work all over the world. Throughout the pandemic they have been providing support to each other and to current Members.

Although Goodenough College remains open, current measures to combat COVID-19 mean that all Alumni accommodation (both at the College and the hotel) is suspended.

The curtailed events programme at the College is now underway and some of these will also be streamed virtually and our Alumni community are welcome to take part. For further details, please see the Alumni area of the website.

Many Goodenough Alumni generously supported our COVID-19 Appeal to help current Members who have been deeply affected by the pandemic. Their generosity has helped many current Members to access the financial assistance and wellbeing services they desperately need.

In addition, many Alumni took part in the recent Goodenough Global Giving Day to help support the College’s Scholarship Fund during these challenging times.

We thank our Alumni for their generosity and their messages of support to the College and our Members.

(Last updated 06 April 2021)