Future Members

Goodenough College is still accepting applications for the 20/21 academic year and we are looking forward to welcoming new Members.

Under the national lockdown guidance, higher education providers have been asked to significantly restrict the number of students returning to face-to-face teaching from January 2021, and to reduce the numbers needing to access university facilities wherever possible. For more information see the updated guidance for higher education providers produced by the Department for Education. 

A safe and central ‘home from home’

The College is fortunate in being situated in the heart of London’s university district. Members are able to walk or cycle to most University of London locations and to a wealth of cultural and social venues, when they reopen – avoiding the social distancing risks involved in using public transport.

Members also have the security of knowing that they can access the College’s catering, cleaning and maintenance services even during a lockdown period. So, if they find that they need to self-isolate, they know they will be well cared for.

Following the Government’s Tier Four guidelines and the national lockdown rules, introduced on 6 January, we are providing a lively online programme of online social and educational activities and excellent pastoral and healthcare support  to make life in College as enjoyable as possible for our Members.

Within the College, whilst respecting the requirements of social distancing and other developing Government guidance, we have introduced a system of “Living Circles” for Members in rooms with shared bathrooms, ensuite rooms (doubles and singles) and single studios.  These are grouped sets of rooms on corridors. Living circles have been created as support groups for single Members. We have not created living circles for couples and families as they have their own bathrooms and kitchens and are mostly living with significant others as “households”.

At present, members of Living Circles cannot meet in person but they are encouraged to form WhatsApp Groups and have Zoom catchups.

Easing lockdown restrictions

Member safety and security is our top priority, so future progress to move closer to normal College life will be gradual and incremental and matched with careful monitoring of the virus. If there is a resurgence of cases, or the Government instructs another national or localised lockdown, we will step back and tighten restrictions again.

For general enquiries about booking accommodation at the College please see our FAQ page. For more specific questions about how the College is managing the risks around the pandemic please see our COVID-19 FAQs below:

Will I have to go in to quarantine on arrival?

In order to protect current Members and staff, Goodenough implemented the need to quarantine from mid-May. Current Government policy is that everyone entering the UK from a country not on the “travel corridor” list will need to quarantine/self-isolate in a “private residence” (such as Goodenough College) for 10 days. (Please follow the Government travel guidance  when travelling to the College.)

If you have spent the 10 days immediately prior to arrival in the UK in one of the countries listed on the travel corridor list you do not need to quarantine.  This list will change and more countries may be added or countries may be removed from the list. Whether you will need to quarantine is dependent on the guidance in place on the day of entry to the England. (Guidance is different for Wales, Scotland and Ireland.)

(NB: A Test to Release for International Travel scheme started on 15 December. Under the scheme people returning to England who need to self-isolate are able to take a COVID test with a private test provider to see if they can end their self-isolation early.)

Quarantine is the same as self-isolation, which entails complete confinement to a room or flat for 14 days. This means that once you have entered your room (or flat if you are coming to the College to live in a flat with your partner or children) you will not be allowed to leave it for 10 days for any reason. If you order food or post or parcels arrive for you staff can drop these outside your door.   You cannot go out to shop, exercise or have visitors.

Members who have booked an en suite room or flat in the College are able to quarantine there. However, rooms that share a bathroom are not suitable for observing quarantine restrictions. Members who have booked accommodation with a shared bathroom can ask to book an en suite room to enable them to complete their quarantine – they will only be required to pay their original room rate (not the en suite room rate).

The College will supply food and other support services to help new Members to meet the quarantine restrictions. We have a meal service to provide three meals a day to your door from a weekly menu (specific dietary needs are catered for). The cost is £63 and you will be asked when you arrive if you would like to sign up for this service.

The number of quarantine rooms will be limited, so new Members should book their quarantine rooms early as we may not be able to accommodate all new arrivals to the College. You will receive information about how to do this when you are offered a place. If you are unable to quarantine at the College, or choose to make your own arrangements, then we suggest you book a private apartment, perhaps through a website like booking.com or Airbnb. We will require evidence when you arrive at the College that you have completed 10 days of quarantine in the UK before you can join us.

What measures are in place to support Members with COVID-19?

Goodenough offers excellent pastoral, physical and mental care support for Members and a friendly small College environment where Members who are having difficulties are able to access a range of formal and informal support services.

The College has a detailed self-isolation protocol in place to give those with COVID-19 symptoms the support they need. Any Member who needs to self-isolate is moved to an en suite room (if they are not in one already) provided with free regular meals, clean linen and regular follow up from College staff to monitor their welfare.

The College’s measures have the full support of Public Health England.

What is the College doing to manage the spread of COVID-19?

We have a range of measures in place to support social distancing and keep Members safe. Measures are constantly adjusted in line with the latest government and NHS advice.

The College’s cleaning services are provided by ESS, part of the global Compass Group. Working with Compass the College is able to provide cleaning services to the highest possible standard, be it across our common areas and regular touch points or ensuring that your room has been cleaned to the latest COVID-19 secure standard, before your arrival.

Please read the information in the Current Members section to see what restrictions the College currently has in place to help avoid the spread of the virus.

For information on the health and safety measures all UK residents are expected to take to stay safe and protect others, please visit the UK government website.

How much does it cost to stay at Goodenough?

Descriptions of the different types of accommodation available can be found on our Accommodation page. For detailed information on rents and living costs please see our rents information page.

If my course is delayed can I alter my contract length?

We are offering a variety of booking options for 2020 and 2021 including the flexibility to delay your contract start date to align with your university course dates.

Unlike most halls of residence or private accommodation providers we don’t have fixed term contracts so you can change your arrival and departure dates at any time with only 28 days’ notice.

If your course is extended longer, into the 2021-22 academic year, we will ask you to tell us, in spring 2021, what your plans are. You will then  have the option to renew at the College for another year or partial year.

If I book with Goodenough but I change my mind, can I cancel?

Our standard terms are that we require 28 days’ notice. If you wish to delay or withdraw you should contact us as soon as possible to give 28 days’ notice from the date of your expected arrival that you wish to delay or withdraw. If you need to withdraw we will issue a full refund if you have given sufficient notice. Please let us know as early as possible if you will not be joining us, so we can offer your room or flat to someone else.

How do I arrange a refund of the advance payment charges if I need to cancel?

If you need to withdraw or change your arrival dates, please email admissions@goodenough.ac.uk and Angela or Prudence (our Admissions Team) will make the changes or initiate a refund which is normally paid back to the card you used to pay.

What happens if there is another international lockdown?

If you decide to leave you must clear your room or continue to pay full rent. If the UK Government instructs a full lockdown, locally or nationally, and you decide to leave immediately you will cease paying rent on the day that you fully vacate your room. We will offer temporary storage facilities free of charge for a fixed period of time. If you use the storage facilities we will keep your deposit until you have managed to collect your belongings and then your deposit will be refunded. We will let Members know when these conditions are applicable.

How are shared bathroom and kitchen cleaning arrangements managed ?

Every room has a full sized fridge. We have very few kitchens but they remain in use. Only a limited number of people are permitted in the kitchen at one time (dependent on the number of cookers – so between 2-6). Tables and chairs have been removed so Members are required to eat in their rooms. Under Tier Four arrangements, the Great Hall is open but offering a takeaway meal service. We are cleaning all shared kitchens and bathrooms and have increased the frequency of the cleaning of all communal areas. Under the current Tier Four Government restrictions the Housekeeping team is not able to operate a room cleaning service but Members can opt for a linen change and rubbish collection service at their door.

What is College life like now?  Are there events?  What rooms are available as a social space?

At present, Members can have only one guest at a time. Only one guest can stay overnight and it must be the same person each time.  In the UK we refer to this person as the one you are in a “social bubble” with.  You don’t need to observe the two-metre distance from your social bubbler but you must observe the two-metre distance from all other people. See the Government website for more information on “households” and social bubbles.

Since the start of the pandemic we have been creative and have held a large number of high quality, high profile virtual events. These included:

  • “The Dean’s Studiums” – A zoom facilitated space for the intellectually curious with invited speakers, normally College Fellows, with material developed and delivered exclusively to Goodenough College Members such as:
    • Michael Bowes QC on “would you give the Devil the benefit of the law?”
    • Anni Rowland Campbell, Internet Guru on “living in the interstice – the space inbetween”
    • Dr Kirstie Whitaker, of the Alan Turing Institute on Open Science
    • College Member Basia Vucic on the “Revolutionary guide to thriving in times of COVID-19 or how to destroy an empire in five easy steps”
    • Dr James Wilson from UCL on “Detecting disease, and taking precautions: ethical issues in the reduction of risk”
    • Sir Andrew Parmley, former Lord Mayor of London, on the evolving role of the Lord Mayor of London in response to both COVID-19 and BREXIT.
  • Poetry, jazz, theatre improvisation, quizzes, bedtime stories, art exhibitions where Members show and discuss their work, running and walking challenges and karaoke.
  • Virtual study rooms.
  • Country themed Dining In nights (takeaway and a seated service for restricted numbers).
  • Specialist talks such as “My Life as a Polar Explorer” by Dwayne Fields, Fellow of Goodenough College

We will continue to be innovative and to adjust the programme of College events as the UK Government guidelines change.

We currently have around 30 clubs and societies running, including:  badminton, baking, opera, board games, cheese and charcuterie, classics, climbing, coffee, China, debating, fencing, film, football, global health, Greek, Latin American, Iraq, Japan, law, music, PhD fun, poker, Queerenough, running, and yoga. These are able to offer online events only at the moment.

The Great Hall is open to offer a takeaway service for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Libraries are open for use as study spaces, at a smaller capacity. The Media Rooms have a limited capacity but are still available to all to print.  The laundries remain open and in use. The College Chapel and Mecklenburgh Square Garden are also open to Members.

Changes in rent from September 2020 to January 2021

The rental charges on the website assumed an increase in rent from 1 September 2020. The College has decided to delay this increase until 31 January 2021. In addition the UK Government announced a change to VAT (value added tax) from 1 August 2020 to March 2021. For the first 28 days of residence the VAT rate was 20% and this then drops to 4% for the remainder of your stay. The temporary rate will be 5% for the first 28 days of your stay and then 1% for the remainder of your stay until March 2021 when it increases to the 4% rate. If you were offered a place at the College before these decreases were implemented then you will be credited the extra amount in your first bill at the College.

The current rates from 1 August 2020 to 31 December 2021 are as follows:

For Singles
Shared Bathroom
Room type Rent per week (inc VAT at 1%) Maximum rent per month (31 days)
Single A Study Bedroom £237.48 £1,051.70
Single B Study Bedroom £214.36 £949.32
Single C Study Bedroom £195.13 £864.16
Private bathroom
Room type Rent per week (inc VAT at 1%) Maximum rent per month (31 days)
Single Ensuite A Study Bedroom £270.71 £1,198.86
Single Ensuite B Study Bedroom £259.47 £1,149.08
Small Studio Flat £345.09 £1,528.24
For couples
Room Type Rent per week (inc VAT at 1%) Maximum rent per month (31 days)
Double Ensuite Study Bedroom £294.32 £1,303.44
Large Studio Flat £353.36 £1,564.87
One Bedroom Flat £416.92 £1,846.35
For Families
Room Type Rent per week (inc VAT at 1%) Maximum rent per month (31 days)
Small Two Bedroom Flat (one child) £445.69 £1,973.78
Large Two Bedroom Flat (two children) £467.40 £2,069.90
Three Bedroom Flat (three children) £523.39 £2,317.88
Accessible accommodation
Room type Rent per week (inc VAT at 1%) Maximum rent per month (31 days)
Accessible Single Ensuite Study Bedroom £259.47 £1,149.08
Accessible Studio Flat £345.09 £1,528.24


Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

Please check the additional Accommodation FAQs on the website and if you have further questions contact admissions@goodenough.ac.uk

(Updated 19 December 2020)