How we’re different

Goodenough is not just a great place to live, we also offer a range of additional benefits that help make the College a community that truly feels like home.

Not all universities, colleges and institutes offer student accommodation and most don’t offer postgraduate-only halls. That’s where Goodenough College can help. The College is London’s finest postgraduate residential community and we provide award-winning student accommodation in the heart of London. To find out more download our brochure.

Goodenough College Members smiling

The People

We are home to over 700 outstanding postgraduate students and their families, representing around 95 different countries. A strong sense of community is central to student life here and we encourage our resident Members to give back and contribute to College life.

Goodenough College offers a welcoming and secure home for postgraduates from different cultures, backgrounds and disciplines to live, socialise and study. Everyone who chooses to live here brings their own interests, talents and experiences to Goodenough, coming together to create a diverse community of the brightest international minds.

Head shot of Goodenough College Member in the cafe

The collegiate atmosphere is very special, and things like dining together create a sense of belonging and community that is often missing at university. Here we make it easy for you to share cultural and personal experiences, to broaden your world view and learn new skills.

Tinghe, China

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The Place

Located in the very centre of London, our award-winning student accommodation combines the comfort of contemporary living in a setting steeped in the city’s history and culture.

Goodenough College is within walking distance of many of London’s top universities and major tourist attractions, with excellent national and international transport links.

The College’s rooms and flats are well-maintained, comfortable, secure and well-equipped, offering postgraduates and their families their own space and privacy to live and study. The Goodenough team are here to keep the College and our Members, safe and secure.

Members also benefit from 28 days’ notice on leases and the opportunity to sublet rooms and keep the rental income.

Our accommodation is designed to meet the needs of all Members. So, we offer a range of rooms and flats to suit different budgets and circumstances.

Head shot of Goodenough College Member in the library

Having the opportunity to meet and talk with so many high achievers will, I’m certain, have a lasting impact on my future.

James, UK

Two Members high fiving each other in the garden

The Experience

Each year we invest £1.8 million in the life of the College to ensure each Member has the best possible experience whilst living here. That translates to over £3,000 in additional benefits per Member. This investment also allows the College to offer a far higher staff to Member ratio than a traditional hall of residence.

Our Members benefit from a vibrant events and activities programme, access to pastoral support when they need it, and delicious subsidised food in our dining facilities which encourages Members to meet and eat together.

The excellent shared facilities in beautiful surroundings in and around the College encourage a sense of community and offer opportunities to join an unparalleled range of social, cultural and academic activities at Goodenough.

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