COVID secure living

With many colleges and university departments offering most of their tuition online, living somewhere that provides a real sense of community and a "home away from home" has never been more important.

At Goodenough we recognise the importance of giving our Members a wide range of support services, opportunities for social and intellectual interaction and a real sense of community, even during lockdown.

The College has introduced a system of “Living Circles” for Members in rooms with shared bathrooms, ensuite rooms (doubles and singles) and single studios.  These are grouped sets of rooms on corridors. Living circles have been created as support groups for single Members. (We have not created living circles for couples and families as they have their own bathrooms and kitchens and are mostly living with significant others as “households”.)

Under the current Government restrictions, Living Circles provide Members with an opportunity to meet others in their Circle online, and to set up their own online peer-to-peer pastoral support groups.

The College’s lively programme of College- and Member-led vents helps Members to socialise, share ideas, learn new skills and build friendships – within a safe living environment. In line with the Government’s COVID-19 roadmap, the College and its clubs and societies are currently offering online events and a range of outdoor events for up to six people.

For more information about life at Goodenough explore our Student life pages.

(Updated 06 April 2021)