2022 Global Student Living Awards – Goodenough named as winner of the Best Specialist Housing Award

Following the ceremony (20 October) to announce the Global Student Living Awards UK & Ireland, and Europe, we are delighted to announce that Goodenough College has been awarded the 2022 Best Specialist Housing (UK & Ireland) Award.

Previously known as the National Student Housing Survey Awards, the Award recognises the College’s excellent residential and community experience. Goodenough has now won the Best Specialist Housing Award eight times since 2013 – an incredible achievement given the huge range of student accommodation on offer throughout the UK and Ireland.

The 2022 Global Student Living Awards UK & Ireland, and Europe are based exclusively on direct feedback from over 65,000 students at universities and colleges across the UK and Europe. With no written nominations and no ‘expert’ judges, the Global Student Living Awards are uniquely credible and highly prized.

At Goodenough we are proud of what we do and feedback from the survey is essential for us to continue to improve the experience of College Members. In the 2022 survey:

  • 89% rated Goodenough positively, far outperforming benchmarks. Levels of excellence (very good scores) are particularly high at 70%, exceeding the previous year (the average in the sector is 31%)
  • 85% agree there is a strong sense of community in Goodenough College residences with 62% strongly agreeing
  • 82% enjoy socialising at the College
  • 94% of College Members say they get on really well with others
  • 84% said living at Goodenough had a positive impact on their wellbeing.