Alumni from the early 2000s reunite at the College

The College recently hosted a fantastic reunion event (9-12 May) for Alumni from the early 2000s, which brought back together friends from all over the world at their ‘home away from home’ in London.

Around 90 Alumni attended the event which kicked off with a meal at local favourite Ciao Bella on the Thursday night (9 May),  followed by a dinner in College on Friday and a BBQ and croquet in the London House Quad on a very sunny Saturday afternoon.

One guest said “It was a wonderful weekend and was like traveling back in time as I wandered around the College and Bloomsbury bumping into familiar faces over for the gathering.”

The event was the brainchild of three Alumni, who met at Goodenough all those years ago and formed a lifelong friendship, who wanted to bring the gang back together.

Betty, one of the organisers, said: “This was a passion project for the three of us because the Goodenough community fostered such meaningful connections and left such a positive impression on us even 20 years later.  I expected to have a great time reconnecting with friends and being in London again. What I did not expect was how full my  heart felt from the joy that the reunion brought to the 100 people who came from all parts of the world to be together again. I encourage other years to consider planning a reunion as it is well worth it.”

Lionel, another of the organisers, added: “I can’t tell you how many people thanked us for working with the College to put it all together. I knew we would have a great time. What I didn’t anticipate is that as we did when we were here as students, once again we created memories that will last for decades. Everyone insists we do it again, and we will.”