Goodenough College launches Strategic Plan

Goodenough College is very pleased to announce the launch of the College’s new Strategic Plan 2020-2025.

The new Strategic Plan 2020-2025 is geared towards developing our Membership, resources, relationships and governance over the coming five years, as the summary publication indicates. Three key objectives and seven enabling objectives − all underpinned by key performance indicators −­ will help us to achieve our ambitions for the College, our Members and global Alumni network.

Our main ambitions are to:

  • Enhance the Resident Member’s experience to deliver our Mission and maximise the charitable benefit we deliver.
  • Recruit (especially Commonwealth) Members who will benefit most from what we offer and best contribute to the life of the College.
  • Build a stronger fellowship of Alumni and others closely associated with the College.

As part of the planning process, a new set of values were agreed for the College, which are tolerance, respect, understanding, service and togetherness. Indeed, these values have always been part of the Goodenough experience.

 “The College remains focused on being a profoundly inspiring place for all who enter our doors and remain part of the extended family.”

Rebecca Matthews, Director

Goodenough College continues to support the brightest minds to achieve their full potential, for their own benefit and that of their communities and countries.

We thank everyone for the important part they play, and look forward to an exciting future ahead.


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