Goodenough Scholars visit the Burn

Our scholars recently journeyed up to The Burn, our country home in Scotland.

The busy weekend programme included reflective sessions on what a good life is, alongside time for the scholars to spend quality time getting to know each other, enjoy hiking explorations into the epic Scottish nature, and (always great fun!) a ceilidh.

We are delighted to have this talented group, who represent nations all around the world as well as the UK, with us at the College. There are so many interesting stories.

It is deeply rooted in the College’s founding mission to provide financial assistance and support to talented postgraduates who might not otherwise have been able to join us, in recognition of the power of education for all. Goodenough has our own range of scholarships, as well as being a first choice for many from international schemes such as Marshall, Fulbright, Chevening, Commonwealth and Rotary International.

The trip to The Burn was a much-needed moment of reflection for us new students at the College. It was a great opportunity to interact with fellow scholars, and spend more time getting to know people intentionally with fewer distractions around.

Guguleth, South Africa - Goodenough Scholarship

I am thankful for the delightful experience. It was my first experience travelling out of London. The Burn itself was a beautiful haven in Scotland that offered me the opportunity to learn about the history of Goodenough, The Burn itself, importance of philanthropy and reflect on my time so far at the College. Thank you, I am honoured to be a Goodenough Scholar!

Emmanuel, South Sudan - Chevening Scholarship & David and Els Alwyn Scholarship

After learning more about the Alumni and the heritage of Goodenough College, I felt that I was a part of something very special. Receiving the scholarship is a huge honor for me. I would not have been able to attend school in London if I had not received the PhD scholarship from Goodenough. The scholarship opens up all life in London for me and makes this dream possible.

Paige, USA - Goodenough PhD Scholarship

Thank you for the great organization and a fantastic trip! I learnt many new things. I was thrilled to be in Scotland. Truly, it made the difference, and I am extremely grateful!

Ambrose, South Sudan - Windle Trust International, Goodenough College, UCL Scholar

It was great to get to know our scholars better, to hear their stories and genuine gratitude to the generous Alumni that have given them the opportunity to join the Goodenough family.

Hannah Du Gray, Director of Development & External Relations - Goodenough College

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 Learn more about our scholarships