Tributes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The death of our Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on Thursday 8 September, has touched many in the Goodenough College community in the UK and around the world.

As Patron of the College for 69 years, Her late Majesty took a regular and benign interest in the College’s affairs and visited us on 11 separate occasions, both alone and accompanied by His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Our Members, Governors, Fellows, staff and Alumni value the genuine interest that HM The Queen took in the life of the College. Her Majesty will be remembered with huge warmth and affection by all those who had the opportunity to meet her during her visits to Mecklenburgh Square.

As soon as the news of Her Majesty’s death was made public, a Notice was posted at the entrance of all Goodenough buildings and our flag was arrayed for mourning.

The College Director, Alice Walpole, will be submitting a letter of condolence to His Majesty the King, expressing the Goodenough College community’s deep appreciation of Her Majesty’s support for the College. On Friday 9 September at 6pm, a Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Her late Majesty will be held in the College chapel and a Book of Condolence will be opened on the altar.

Alumni, Members and staff are warmly invited to add their messages of condolence to the College’s online tribute page.

Graham Ward CBE comments:

“It was with the deepest sorrow that I heard the announcement that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had passed on.

“Her late Majesty was a perfect constitutional monarch: the embodiment of dedication to public duty and to the service of her people. A source of stability through thick and thin, Her Majesty’s grace and dignity provided an example to us all.

“Our late Queen was also, for 69 years, a wonderful Patron of Goodenough College. Her character was a living model of our motto, Unitas in sapienta: nemo separabit (Unity in wisdom: none shall separate). Her Majesty, as the head of the Goodenough College family, was committed to her patronage of our College, visiting us many times during her reign and always interested in our progress. In her 2019 message to us in respect of our Commemorative Biennium, Her Majesty said ‘I have been pleased to see the excellent work that the College has undertaken to support British and International Postgraduates who are studying in London’. Our commitment to being a fellowship of global citizens reflecting the principles of the Commonwealth struck a particular chord in Her Majesty’s heart.

“When visiting Goodenough, Her Majesty always insisted on meeting as many Members as possible and engaged fully with them. It was absolutely clear that she wanted to hear about the ways in which our Members were benefitting from our international community and how that would help to bring the world’s nations together in peace and prosperity. It was both a great privilege and a huge pleasure to witness these conversations.

“Our late Patron will always be most warmly and affectionately remembered by everyone in the Goodenough Community. My deepest sympathies are with His Majesty The King and the Royal Family. It is certain that this also is true of us all.

“Her late Majesty’s passing leaves a hole in our lives which will never be filled. May God grant her eternal peace at His right hand and bless her soul forever.”

Graham Ward CBE
President of the Advisory Council
Goodenough College