Update on COVID-19

The health, wellbeing, safety and security of our community is our highest priority.

As the United Kingdom continues to take measures to mitigate the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, here at the College, the health, wellbeing, safety and security of our community is our highest priority. Community has always been the most important thing to us. We have been meeting daily to discuss, plan and implement measures as the situation unfolds.

In light of Government and Public Health England advice, and as part of actions being taken to protect our Goodenough family and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have cancelled all events and activities, closed communal areas in College and have advised Members who are able to leave and safely return home to do so. For Members who remain, we are doing all we can to support them and keep them safe, particularly those who may have to self-isolate or are in a vulnerable group. We have taken measures to maintain our high standard of care, and support our Members during what is a very difficult time.

Staff at the College who are able to work remotely from home are now doing so. Again, this is in response to Government advice and in line with other similar organisations. There will, however, be a core team who will continue to be on site to run essential operations as well as the resident leadership team of the Director, Dean, Registrar and Chaplain. Alongside are our front line employees at Goodenough – the reception team, cleaners, catering, facilities management and maintenance staff – who stand front and centre for us every day as our unsung heroes.

The College’s motto Unitas in sapienta. Nemo separabit (‘Unity in wisdom. None shall separate us’) speaks to the power of unity, and in the spirit of our founder, we reiterate that we are all in this together. If ever there was a time for unity, this is it.

We wish you and your loved ones the very best of health and wellbeing. Stay safe and look after each other. The situation will (eventually) improve and we look forward to better times ahead.