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Our partners play an important role in the Goodenough College community, making a vital contribution to the life of the College and helping us to attract and recruit postgraduates from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

We invest time and energy in securing and enhancing partnerships with like-minded organisations that enrich the experiences and opportunities available to our Members. For example, the City of London, The Courtauld Institute of Art and The Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council have each provided speakers, led seminars and created unique experiences for our Members to enjoy, such as tickets to VIP events and study tours.

Delivering Scholarships

The Scholarships funded by our partners extend the College’s own financial assistance programme. These help us to ensure that Goodenough is accessible to more postgraduate students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and to Scholars who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of persecution, violence or conflict.

For example, Goodenough has been working with Cara (the Council for At-Risk Academics) for a number of years. In that time, through the generous support of our community, five postgraduate students who were forced to flee their homes as a result of persecution, violence or conflict have been provided with a safe home and a welcoming community at the College.

“The last twelve months have been an extraordinary, and very challenging, time for Cara. In recent years most of the academics looking to us for help to escape from danger have been from the Middle East and parts of Asia, including most recently Myanmar; and there has been no let-up in the appeals we are still receiving from these countries. Since the Taliban take-over in August 2021, we have received over 700 applications from Afghan academics  and, more recently, Putin’s assault on Ukraine has prompted applications from a growing number of Ukrainian academics, and also from Russians who are appalled at what is being done in their name. We are doing everything we can to help them all, and are grateful for the many offers of additional support we have received from our partners, including Goodenough College.”

Cara (Council for At-Risk Academics)

The College also works with scholarship bodies like Chevening, Commonwealth, Marshall and Fulbright to identify talented postgraduates who would benefit from living at Goodenough.

An example of one of these partnerships is the Chevening/Goodenough College Scholarship which gives a Scholar from a Chevening-eligible country the opportunity to study for a one-year master’s degree in London The award covers academic tuition fees, accommodation costs at Goodenough College, a monthly stipend for living expenses and other benefits. We also offer a further 25 reduced price rooms for Chevening, Commonwealth, Marshall and Fulbright Scholars based on financial need.

Many Chevening Scholars choose to live at Goodenough while studying in London, benefitting from  the College’s study facilities, pastoral support and its lively programme of academic, cultural and social activities. Read the accounts from Chevening Scholars Emmanuel Soma and Sibulele Ngomane who both benefitted from support from Chevening and the College.

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If you would like to explore opportunities for partnership working with the College, please get in touch.

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Director of Development and External Relations
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