Pastoral and healthcare support

Starting a new course and coming to live in a new city or country can be stressful, even without the added worry of potential health scares.

Goodenough offers excellent pastoral, physical and mental health support for Members and a nurturing small College environment where Members who are having difficulties are able to access a range of formal and informal support services.

The on-site support services are helped by the fact that a number of key staff live in the College. In addition, each of our two houses has a House Administrator, a Senior Duty Officer (working on rota) and a friendly 24-hour Reception Team who are always happy to help.

Minimising health risks

When the COVID-19 pandemic started to take hold, the College swiftly implemented a detailed package of measures (endorsed by Public Health England) to protect Members and to put in place a self-isolation protocol to give those with symptoms the support they needed. Here in the College we continually monitor potential health risks so we can react quickly to implement any special measures needed to protect our community.

Mental health support

The College’s on site staff include the Director, Registrar and College Dean who play an active role in providing pastoral support. Working with the College’s Night-time Supervisors, who receive mental health first aid training, they provide Members with a 24-hour support service.

The College’s Members’ Council also plays an important role in ensuring that the College’s staff understand Members’ financial, personal, social, and cultural needs. The Council’s two Community and Welfare Co-Chairs help to support Member welfare and hold confidential drop-in sessions and stress-relieving activities. Members living in single rooms are asked to stay in touch with others within their Living Circle for mutual support.

The College remains a member of Nightline (available 6pm to 2am every night) but we have also organised Member access to the 24/7 Student Wellbeing support line offered by Endsleigh and Health Assured. (The service has been funded by the College’s Alumni.)

The support line is open 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. Members can call it to access telephone or online counselling or advice for physical and mental health issues, legal information services, debt and financial information. The service also provides Mental Health Counselling, which could lead to up to six sessions of ‘face to face’ online counselling sessions.

(Updated 1 November 2022)