Patron, Founding Partners, Governors and Fellows

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second visiting Goodenough College in 2016

Our Patron: Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth ll was our Patron for 69 years from 1953-2022. During this time The Queen visited the College 11 times, most recently in 2016, and took an active interest in College affairs. We are deeply thankful for her support of the College.


The College is governed by an Advisory Council consisting of up to 50 elected Governors. Up to 15 Governors are also elected to the Governing Board, the executive body provides strategic oversight, governance and accountability to the College. The Board Members are also the College’s Charitable Trustees. The Board regularly refers to the Advisory Council for advice concerning the direction and strategy of the College.


The College has 60 formally elected Fellows whose role is to act as ambassadors for the College, assist in recruitment of strong candidates for College Membership and add to the kudos of Goodenough College through their own distinguished standing (academic or otherwise).