Accessible accommodation

The vast majority (around 90 percent) of the College is fully accessible to wheelchair users, including the Great Hall, and we have rooms available in William Goodenough House for students who are wheelchair users. We are also able to make other adaptations to make our accommodation work for Members with different needs.

There are five en-suite bedrooms with bathrooms suitable for wheelchair users and two en-suite studio flats with bathroom and kitchen facilities suitable for wheelchair users. An additional room can be provided for a personal assistant, if required. This will be charged separately.

If you have a disability which means you have additional needs, please contact Caroline Persaud on +44 (0)20 7520 1570, or at to discuss your requirements as early as possible. We encourage students with additional needs to talk to us and, if possible, arrange a time to come into College to look at our accommodation or to organise for someone else to come and visit on your behalf.

William Goodenough House has a communal kitchen, with adjustable work benches and sinks, and a laundry for the exclusive use of residents.

Pets cannot be kept in our rooms or flats. However, an assistance animal, usually a dog, that is trained to perform specific tasks necessary for the daily living and health and safety of a Member with a disability will be considered. We do not permit therapy, emotional support or assistance animals not trained for specific tasks associated with a disability to live with Members in single rooms or flats.