90 Alumni stories

As part of our 90th birthday celebrations we’re publishing 90 Alumni stories representing our 90 years and we'd love to hear from YOU.

As you’re probably already aware, we’re including our two anniversaries in one celebratory period which we’re calling the College’s Commemorative Biennium. It is taking place across two academic years to include two cohorts of new Members, beginning on Founders Day 2019 and concluding on Founder’s Day 2021.

As part of the celebration, we’re collating 90 stories from our Alumni.

Share your story!

If you’d like to join in the celebrations, we’d love to hear about what mattered to you most during your time at Goodenough or what impact the College has had on your life post-Member days.

Please contact us at alumni@goodenough.ac.uk to learn more.

Our Stories