#27 Anteo Picello (LH 2007-08)

A longstanding Goodenough College Alumni tradition is to share joyful news, and when we reached out to Anteo we found out that in August 2021 (in the midst of one of the pandemic waves!) he happily married Clio and, one year later, on 10 August 2022 they received the best possible gift with the birth of Alvise!

Anteo, Clio and Alvise are pictured here while they navigate life! Professionally, whilst Anteo continues his path as lawyer (avvocato) and manager of legal and compliance affairs in Milan, and whilst Clio is a medical doctor specialising as a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist (anestesista rianimatore), still their focus is on addressing Alvise’s long-term secret plans to take over his nursery school.

Anteo is also proud to serve the College as Alumni Ambassador for Italy, and he is looking forward to organising local/regional receptions for Alumni (and/or perspective new members!)