Ever since Goodenough College was founded in 1930, our mission has been to provide talented postgraduate students from the UK and overseas with a welcoming home and a unique opportunity to develop culturally, socially and academically through our outstanding engagement programme. This year, we’ve been able to welcome Members from 79 countries.  

In recent years our Annual Telethon (formerly known as the Bright Futures Annual Fund) has been instrumental in helping us achieve:

  • A significant increase in the number of bursaries and scholarships we are able to provide each year for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Support for the diverse extra-curricular activities enjoyed by all our Members.
  • Support for the refurbishment of our College buildings to bring them up to date without compromising their historic character.

Your generosity

The College is an independent charity with no government funding. 80% of our income is received from rents paid by Members that we aim to keep affordable in order to attract the world's most talented students regardless of social background. The funds raised by you are vital and help us to accomplish much that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Donate to Telethon 2019

What’s new in 2019?

We’ve made a few changes this year other than re-naming our campaign to Goodenough College's Annual Telethon 2019. We’ve also simplified, streamlined and made our internal processes more cost-efficient by using an external agency to deliver the campaign. If you’ve received a letter in the past, but not this year, please don’t worry – you’re not meant to. We’re making savings on postage and reducing our paper-based outputs to decrease our environmental impact.

When we call you, we’d like to take the opportunity to share our plans for investment in the future. A fantastic new platform for global Alumni to connect or re-connect more easily with each other is on the horizon. The New Year 2020 will also usher in a brand refresh, a new Five-Year Strategic Plan which includes a focus on Alumni relations and a celebratory Commemorative Biennium marking two significant College anniversaries in the College’s history.