Since 2010 over £1million has been raised towards Goodenough College priorities. Of this £400,000 has come from generous support towards our telephone campaigns.

Re-opening of London House

After a year of closure, London House re-opened its doors in September 2014 to a new cohort of Members. The restoration programme included a full refurbishment of all the bedrooms, bathrooms and communal public spaces, yet great care has been taken to preserve the beautiful traditional characteristics. Much of this has been made possible by generous donations from our Alumni. In particular, Alumni support has helped to fund:

  • The rejuvenation of the Great Hall ceiling crests, one of which you can see in detail above
  • The conversion of several rooms back into bedrooms meaning there are extra places for Members at London House
  • The refurbishment of communal bathrooms for better privacy and hygiene

Re-Opening of Willie G

In September 2012 we opened the doors of our newly refurbished William Goodenough House. Many Members who have since moved into Willie G have commented on how wonderful their stay has been. Below you can read about our wonderful achievements which have been made possible through the donations of our Alumni.

  • The garden terrace (left) which sits adjacent to the GBar now features an outdoor seating area, and easy level access for prams and wheelchairs.
  • The central courtyard in WGH has been transformed into a 'Fountain Quad' with a lovely water feature as its focus.
  • Two new floors; the brick work matches seamlessly with the old.
  • The Reading Room has been transformed into a new informal study area, the Canadian Scholars' Room.

Since re-opening, Willie G has won 'Best Individual Accommodation' in the National Student Housing Survey, 2013, and International Accommodation Quality Mark in 2013 and 2014.

It is wonderful that many of our Alumni from around the world have taken the opportunity to come back and visit the refurbished Willie G. We are, however, conscious that many of you are not able to visit Willie G. To the left is a short video so you can see it for yourselves.

Bursaries & Scholarships

Living and studying in London can cause financial difficulty for many. With your help we have been able to expand the number of bursaries and scholarships available to our Members.

  • Almost 50 bursaries were awarded to Members to ease financial burden, more than we have ever awarded in any one year.
  • 25 Members have received Entry Scholarships which are awarded to new applicants who could not otherwise afford the living costs whilst studying in London. This is almost double the number the College was able to provide in the previous academic year.

Pablo Alvarez Delgado (Willie G, 2013-15) from Spain is gaining his Graduate Diploma in Piano Performance at the Trinity College of Music. Pablo received a College bursary this year.

"To live in Goodenough means to experience a fantastic life enjoying every day and learning from the best people. I have experienced great success since living here. I have performed at many concerts and recitals as a soloist and have been awarded prizes in the North London Festival of Music. This year I would like to continue improving as a pianist and musician, and continue setting myself new challenges. Receiving a bursary has made this easier for me by away taking financial pressure and allowing me to focus on my studies and life at the College. It has helped me to fund the big expenses involved with being a professional pianist. Most importantly, however, this bursary has allowed me to continue contributing to the Goodenough environment which further enhances my skills and knowledge in life."

Extra-Curricular Life

Goodenough College is known for its thriving extra-curricular programme embracing intellectual, cultural, social and sporting activities. The generosity of our Alumni has allowed Members to continue experiencing these diverse pleasures.

Magnificent events that Members have organised this year include:

  • Football and cricket tours
  • TedX Goodenough
  • Coach trips to explore England beautiful countryside and cities
  • Trips to The Burn in Scotland
  • Winter and Spring Balls
  • Port talks with distinguished academics, prominent College Alumni and leading professionals