Scattered around our College buildings are rooms named by past benefactors. Each conjures up stories. Through these rooms, their names live on to inspire others.

All funds raised through our room naming programme will go towards the long term sustainability of the College. In this way your generosity will help ensure future generations can enjoy the unique experience of living in Mecklenburgh Square.

A room or flat in London House or Willie G may be named for a gift of £10,000 or more. A room may carry your name or that of a loved one. Families, partners or groups of friends can name a room together. It might be named to recognise an anniversary of your time here, or the experience of several generations.

A company or organisation may wish to name a room to recognise their bond with the College and it's values.

Among many of our generous Alumni who have already chosen to participate in our room naming programme are Ali Hassan Sajjad & Vishesh Chandiok, Bill & Mary Way and Donna Seruya-Sackman. Click on their images below to read their stories about why they chose to name a room.

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