Goodenough College Core Values

Updated February 2024

Goodenough College is a welcoming, diverse and supportive community. Our core values of Tolerance, Respect, Understanding, Service and Togetherness are at the heart of our mission, vision and activities.

Our community comprises resident Members and their families, staff (including contracted staff), Trustees and Fellows, visitors, Alumni and our neighbours. All members of this community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that contributes positively to an environment in which tolerance, respect, understanding, service and togetherness are valued, so as to assure the success of both the individual and the community. Where necessary, the College will take action to protect and support individuals, the wider College community and the College.

Our values can be understood as follows:

We uphold the principle of freedom of speech – members of our community debate openly, respectfully, with civility and generosity, challenge their own beliefs and assumptions and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

We expect members of our inclusive and culturally diverse community to act with the highest ethical standards and to respect the rights, differences and dignity of all, inside and outside the College.

We value other people and the contributions they make to the College. Our strong collegiate community is built on openness, empathy, listening, understanding, cooperation, integrity and working together.

We have a proud tradition of nurturing and supporting all talent, regardless of background and circumstances. In the spirit of service, we are building a network of global citizens with the ability and commitment to improve lives locally, nationally and internationally.

Community and neighbourliness is important to us. We understand that what we do can have an impact on our local community and the wider world, which is why we take our social, economic and environmental responsibilities seriously.     At Goodenough College, free speech is the lifeblood of our intellectual community. It enables the pursuit of knowledge. It helps us approach truths. It allows us to become better acquainted with the variety of beliefs, theories and opinions prevalent in the world.