COVID-19: Messages of Support

Alumni and friends of the College have been sending messages of support for Goodenough Members and staff in this unprecedented time. We have gathered some of them here.

“Sending all good wishes with wonderful memories of Goodenough College!” – Michael Carklin

“Thank you for all that you are doing to support people who are struggling with the impact of Covid-19.” – Anonymous

“The crisis is transitory. Goodenough College endures!” – Mick Leary

“Keep strong and safe” – Raymond & Gabrielle Mullins

“The Goodenough time for me was a wonderful, broadening and cosmopolitan experience. I hope others receive the same warmth and long term relationships that I did.” – Finlay Macrae

“All the very best in these difficult times. Goodenough was always such a wonderful community for me and I know it will stay strong in these times.” – Anonymous

“Wishing health and happiness to everyone at Goodenough College!” – Lisa Ling

“Thinking of you all at this challenging time – but we will get through this together.” – Cindy Sughrue

Paper cut by Shanzay Subzwari Member of Goodenough College

Paper cut by Shanzay Subzwari

“Praying for Goodenough College during this difficult time” – Anonymous

“All good wishes and blessings to the residents and staff of the College as you weather this troubled time.” – Susan Cerasano

“I was at Goodenough 2012-2015. May the 370 Members in Mecklenburgh Square stay safe during this difficult time. All the best to you all.” – Yukiko Kawamoto

“With very best wishes to all the students and their families at Goodenough College.” – Chris Turpin

“To a fantastic and humane institution. Together we can get through these challenging times” – Harish Haridas

“Thinking of you all! Stay safe.” – William Otteman

“For the whole WillyG community to thrive and move forward in difficult times and to show leadership in years to come.” – Audrey

Drawing of a Venice canal by Amy Worthen Goodenough Alumna

Lockdown art by Alumna Amy Worthen

“I hope that you are safe and in health. I hope that whatever your field of work or study may be, your time in lockdown is serene and productive. The world to come will be different but amazing.” – Amy Worthen