Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move in earlier than the specified start date?

We make every effort to offer the moving in date requested by the Member or the closest available date. If you need to move in earlier, please let us know. We will make a note of your request and let you know if the accommodation becomes available any earlier.


Can I visit and view the room before I move in?

Your room is not allocated until you arrive. We are not conducting our normal Saturday tours at the moment and will reinstate these when possible. Goodenough College is not a standard Hall of Residence. Our accommodation is located in two wonderful historic buildings and by their nature the rooms and flats are very different.

Am I able to request a particular room or determine which part of the buildings I stay in?

We allocate rooms on arrival. We will only consider requests for specific rooms or locations for medical reasons.

Am I allowed to have overnight guests?

Whilst the College is observing the relevant restrictions due to COVID-19 we are not permitting any guests on site. Once the restrictions are fully lifted you can have one guest in your room for a maximum consecutive stay of two weeks. Guests must be over 18 years old. You can hire a camp-bed from Housekeeping at a charge of £5 per night. Alternatively, short-term guest accommodation is available at The Goodenough on Mecklenburgh Square.


I understand I have to pay a deposit; can you confirm the details?

We require a deposit payment in advance of your arrival to secure your reservation. This comprises a security deposit which is equal to 28 days rent in advance, along with a refundable damage deposit. More information on deposits is available on our Rents page.


Do I have to pay rent during the holidays?

Rent is payable monthly in advance, including holiday periods.

Can I cook in my room?

Cooking in rooms is not permitted, but you can use a kettle. Rice cookers and other cooking equipment can only be used in the butteries (kitchens).

What measures are in place to help me avoid getting COVID-19?

Please visit our COVID-19 update pages for the latest information on what we are doing to safeguard our Members.

You may also find the COVID 19 FAQs on our Future Members page useful. These set out some of the special booking arrangements now in place to make reserving your accommodation easier.