Goodenough Global Giving Day 2020: Impact Report

Thank You!

We are immensely grateful to our incredible Alumni community and friends who rallied together in support of our first ever Goodenough Global Giving Day! Together we raised an amazing £117,992.47. This is a phenomenal achievement for our first Giving Day, showing the power of coming together through engagement and philanthropy.

Despite the many challenges we collectively face, our wonderful community helped the College not once, but twice in 2020. Our first appeal, the COVID-19 Member Support Appeal, raised a brilliant £78,660 meaning that in total we have raised nearly £200,000 to support our Members now and in the future. Thank you.

This is trying time for everyone. Knowing that as a Goodenough family we can still come together in difficult times to ensure the College and its Members can thrive is a testament to our immense sense of global fellowship.

“As my course is taking place virtually this year, living at Goodenough has been perhaps an even larger part of my life as a graduate student in London than it would have been in a “normal” year. I therefore appreciate the sort of community environment the College fosters in a way I couldn’t have imagined when I originally applied. Goodenough has exceeded expectations in all the best ways in a truly unprecedented year, and I’m so happy to call the College home.”

Zoe (USA) Current Member and Scholar

Your Impact

We cannot hide from the fact that the College faces significant financial losses as a result of COVID-19. But now more than ever, as students face mounting financial pressures, it is important to maintain our Scholarship programme and support postgraduates who will make a difference to our community, whatever their means.

As a result of the challenging global economic situation, postgraduate students now increasingly face precarious financial situations. Most are unable to support themselves through additional part-time work and, on top of this, family support is less feasible due to job losses. Some prospective Members also face the added cost of hotel quarantine upon arrival in the UK. We know that international postgraduates are now reliant on special financial assistance and holistic care more than ever.

Collectively, your donations will directly make sure ten new Scholars can enjoy all the College has to offer in academic year 2021/22. We can’t wait to introduce you to these Scholars later this year so you can really see what a difference your support made.

The generosity of our Alumni and friends means that almost 80% of our Scholarships are now funded through philanthropy, meaning the College is topping up just 20%. This has dramatically changed since 2019/20 when 53% of Scholarships were funded by philanthropy and the College was topping up 47%. This is especially vital at a time when we must focus College funds on core running costs.

Thanks to your participation, not only will we be able to ease the stress and financial burdens studying in London brings for international students but, on top of this, your gift will also ensure the College’s now limited resources can be focused on urgent operational needs.

“I simply would not have been able to undertake my MSc without the Goodenough Scholarship I received…. Students awarded Scholarships go on to develop their careers and contribute to their local communities…their experiences are shaped by what they learned in the classroom but also what they learned from their time at Goodenough.”

Malebogo (Botswana), Alumna and former Scholarship Recipient

Connecting Our Global Community

Not only did we see our global fellowship respond to the needs of future Members, most importantly you connected and engaged with each other! Every share, comment and message helped us reach further around the world to our extended community.

An amazing 3,704 Alumni liked, commented or shared a Facebook post. Thousands of you watched our video content on the Day and the Registrar’s brilliant tour was the most watched, viewed a total of 1,366 times. And lots of you enjoyed remembering the flares and long hair of 1970s nights in the G-Bar, viewing our throwback galleries over 350 times each.

It was also wonderful to see so many Alumni getting involved as Giving Day Ambassadors, spreading the word of Goodenough Global Giving Day. 62 Ambassadors, representing over 30 nationalities, helped to raise awareness and involve others on Global Giving Day. Congratulations to Jerry Dawson (LH: 1989-1992), the Ambassador who shared news of the day the most times. Ambassadors also generously donated £8,000 in total!

Member studying in the Garden

Giving Day Success

Every donation doubled
Every single gift, no matter how large or small, donated on Giving Day was matched, meaning every £1 was worth £2. Your impact was therefore doubled on the day!

This meant we released the full £50,000 of Match Funding we had raised before Giving Day!
We are hugely grateful to our Governors, the LGAC Board and Committee Members, and a number of Alumni Major Donors for generously creating this Match Fund.

Met Eight Giving Day Challenges
Your participation on the day made a big difference, releasing £11,900 in additional funding! Challenges were met when a certain number of donors gave or when a particular number of Alumni engaged with us on social media. Our thanks go to the wonderful Alumni Major Donors who built our Challenges.

Group of Goodenough Members

Thank you!

None of this would have been possible without your involvement on the Day. Thank you so much for your gift and support of the College in these challenging times. You have played an integral part in strengthening our community now and into the future. We are truly grateful.