New publications written by Goodenough Alumni (July 2022)

Change in Global Environmental Politics: Temporal Focal Points and the Reform of International Institutions, by Michael W Manulak (Cambridge University Press, May 2022), ISBN: 9781009165877.

Congratulations to Alum Michael Manulak on the publication of his book Change in Global Environmental Politics.

As wildfires rage and species disappear, the world is facing environmental crisis with a set of global institutions in urgent need of reform. Introducing the concept of Temporal Focal Points Michael shows how change can occur in world politics. By re-envisioning the role of timing and temporality in social relations, his analysis presents a new approach to understanding transformative phases in international cooperation. We may now be entering such a phase and Michael argues that global actors must be ready to realise the opportunities presented.

Michael is Assistant Professor at Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University and this book is based on one of the most detailed analyses of the 50+ year history of Global Environmental Governance available in the literature, drawing on eight archives in five countries. Michael comments: “I have also conducted dozens of interviews with leading actors, including Maurice Strong, Gro Harlem Brundtland, and Elizabeth Dowdeswell. The case studies shed new light on the intense politics of the 1972 Stockholm conference, the Brundtland Commission, the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, and more recent events in United Nations environmental governance.”


Bermuda in Painted Representation: A Survey of How (and by Whom) the Island has Been Depicted in Art, by Jonathan Land Evans (available on

Alum Jonathan Land Evans has just published a new and improved edition of his detailed art history of Bermuda, Bermuda in Painted Representation.

Jonathan writes: “This new Text-Only 2022 preview edition has been revised, enlarged, newly-indexed by artist, and generally improved since the publication of the previous (2020) edition. This work should be of tremendous value to anyone either looking for information on particular artists and their Bermuda work, or seeking a detailed and authoritative art history of the island – not least for that period of the early 20th Century when Bermuda may be said to have been an American artists’ colony as well as an increasingly-flourishing high-class resort.”

The new 672-page hardback edition is available via the online bookstore.