Ambrose Odoch

In 2019, Ambrose was awarded a Scholarship by the College and Windle Trust International to cover travel, visa and accommodation costs, with the university paying his tuition fees. He was also one of the first recipients of the College's Community Bursary which supports a Member’s living costs, allowing them to benefit from everything the community has to offer.

I was born and raised in South Sudan until, aged nine, the civil war forced me to take refuge in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement Camp in Uganda. This became my home for the next three decades. I studied for a teaching qualification not only to help my fellow refugees, but also with the aim of one day returning to South Sudan to make a difference.

When I found out about the Windle Postgraduate scholarship, and the opportunity to study for my master’s in London, I didn’t dare to hope I would succeed.”

The opportunities Goodenough College have given me are incredibly rare. I am so thankful for the practical support, for example the good food (I’ve not missed a single meal) and the help to buy two pairs of shoes, a suit, warm clothes and the umbrella I needed for the British winter.

I’ve also had the chance to experience culture in the capital city and visit places outside of London; I spent three nights in Scotland at The Burn and went to Wales to visit their parliament. I’ve learnt so many new things from conferences and Port Talks and have met and built friendships with people from different countries and social backgrounds. Each experience has been very important to me and this is a year I will never ever forget.

It is vital that Goodenough continues to open up opportunities to people like me. Without the College’s support I would never have been able to come to London. By educating me, both through my studies and what I have learnt as part of this fantastic community, Goodenough College will reach so many more people.

The Scholarship and Bursary will have a long-term impact as I take my newfound knowledge, skills and experiences back to South Sudan and share them with others. Everything I have learnt here is preparing me for the future and will help me to do great things back at home.