Anni Rowland-Campbell

Non-Governing Fellow

Anni Rowland-Campbell is an observer and practitioner of Web Science and a passionate advocate for digital literacy and fluency.

Anni writes: “I was honoured to be elected a Governor of the College in September 2017 and to now serve as a Non-Governing Fellow.  My years as a resident of the College from 1985–7 changed my life and, as with so many Goodenough students, I made lifelong friends and developed a perspective of truly becoming a global citizen learning from people from the four corners of the World.”

Anni’s qualifications include: Master of Arts in Modern European Art (Courtauld Institute, London); Master of Business & Technology, focusing on Knowledge Management (UNSW); Masters of HRM and Coaching Psychology (Sydney); theory and research towards a PhD on Trust, Transparency and Technology; the Emergence of the Digital Brand, and a Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (Harvard Kennedy School).

Currently Anni’s professional focus is in the area of Web Science, which explores how “the Web is changing the World and the World is changing the Web”, where her role is to demystify the digital technologies which surround us and empower people to use them more proactively and wisely. This work manifests in the Digital Gymnasia Series Anni developed especially for the Goodenough College community and in her work as a global philanthropist. (In 2013 Anni and her family formed the Intersticia Foundation in Australia and shortly thereafter Intersticia UK, which supports the Rowland Scholarship at Goodenough College.)

Anni has served as a Council Member of the Australian War Memorial; a Member of the NSW Arts Advisory Council and of the NSW Museums Council; and as a Member of the National Disciplinary Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. She is currently a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, a Non-Executive Director of the Social Change Agency UK, and of  Founders and Coders UK and a Member of the Board of Advisors for Code for Australia.