Corey Cook

Goodenough College Trustee

Corey Cook has been a Governor since 2014 and joined the main board as a Trustee in 2018, where he is a member of the Audit Committee and a Director of the College’s commercial entities.

Corey is an Alumnus of the College when he was a student at LSE. He continues to volunteer for the College so that future international students can have the same experience as he had.

Corey has a BA from McGill University and Masters from The London School of Economics. He has over two decades of financial services experience in asset management and capital market working for large financial institutions in Europe, North America, and Australia. Most recently he was the European Chief Administrative Officer at RBC Global Asset Management where he was responsible for operations and risk. He has held senior client relationship roles managing a portfolio of European central banks, commercial banks and investment firms.

Corey is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Full Member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security. He is a volunteer advisor with the Pensions Ombudsman where he assists the public with pension disputes.