Fatma Shakarchi

Fatma Shakarchi moved into Goodenough in 2021 while studying for a Master’s in Public Health for Eye Care at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Here Fatma talks about her career to date and her experience of Goodenough as a Chevening Scholar.

I’m a Chevening scholar and medical doctor. I graduated with a Bachelors in Medicine, Bachelors in Surgery (MBChB) with distinction from the University of Baghdad and served as a clinical doctor in both the public and private sectors of Iraq. I also have working experience with organisations such as the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA), TEDxBaghdad, and the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq.

I recently picked up programming and designed and implemented an online platform that received funding from the UNDP. It focuses on mapping local entrepreneurial solutions to link stakeholders and promote collaboration.

When I saw the Goodenough College website and videos, I knew I had to live here while studying in London. It felt like Hogwarts meets the real world and it’s proved to be the highlight of my master’s.

Through living in an international community such as Goodenough College, you learn so much about the world and start developing a sense of familiarity with countries you have never been to because your friends live there.

Goodenough is home to me and it’s a home that’s big enough to fit many of my friends. Its location is also impeccable; within a walking distance to my school and many destinations in central London are easily to commute to.

One of the things I value is that Goodenough is an academically motivating place, especially with the port talks, faculty lectures, and cultural events we routinely have here. Everyone around you is working on something amazing during and beyond their postgrad, which is equally humbling and exciting.