Haydar Allami

Goodenough Scholar Haydar Allami and his family are from Iraq and are living in College whilst he is studying for a PhD in Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck

I am an Iraqi national undertaking my PhD in Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck, University of London. My research explores ‘the diasporic experiences of Feyli Kurds in the United Kingdom’, with a focus on narratives of home and belonging amongst younger generations’. I moved with my small family to live in Goodenough College in October 2022, to start my four-year doctoral journey.

As a recipient of a Goodenough PhD Scholarship, I am so grateful for the invaluable support the College’s donors have provided to me and my family. The Scholarship funding has made a remarkable difference in our lives, allowing me to pursue academic excellence while having my family by my side in the heart of London. The journey to pursue my PhD has been nothing short of challenging, especially when considering the financial burdens that come with relocating to a cosmopolitan city like London.

The Goodenough PhD Scholarship has lifted an enormous weight off our shoulders, enabling us to live in the College’s William Goodenough House. Having a home at the College has not only provided us with a safe and comfortable environment but also connected us to a diverse community of fellow scholars and their families, fostering a sense of belonging and support.

The impact of donors’ generosity extends beyond just my academic pursuits. With my family by my side, we have been able to embrace the rich cultural experiences and opportunities that living in central London presents. We have also been able to benefit from the remarkable experiences that the College offers, such as the mostly free College events, partially funded trips within and outside the UK, and subsidised meals, to mention just a few. Furthermore, having a Scholarship has significantly reduced the financial strain on our family, allowing us to allocate more time and energy towards our personal growth and community engagement.

This Scholarship has truly been a blessing, as it has eased our worries about making ends meet while striving for academic excellence. We shall forever cherish this scholarship and the life-changing experiences it has offered us.