Rents information

The College ensures its rental charges are competitive for central London. Find out more about what we charge for each room type.

The rents below are for the 2024-25 academic year.  Rents increase on 1 September each year and these are the rents from 1 September 2024.

For singles

Shared Bathroom:

Room typeNo.Rent per week (inc. VAT at 4%Maximum rent per month (31 days)DepositAmount payable in advanceMonthly electricity charge* Flats and studios only Council Tax (per year)**
Single A Study Bedroom67£311.51£1,379.55£400£1,837.74£0£0
Single B Study Bedroom206£271.84£1,203.84£400£1,654.62£0£0
Single C Study Bedroom34£242.72£1,074.88£400£1,520.22£0£0
Single D Study Bedroom8 £355.12 £1,572.67£400£2,039.01£0£0

Private Bathroom

Room typeNo.Rent per week (inc. VAT at 4%)Maximum rent per month (31 days) DepositAmount payable in advanceMonthly electricity charge*Council Tax (per year)**
Single Ensuite A Study Bedroom129£355.12£1,572.67£400£2,039.01N/A£0
Single Ensuite B Study Bedroom21£330.73£1,464.66£400£1,926.45N/A£0
Studio Flat B (small – for single occupancy) 5£448.38£1,985.66 £750£2,819.42£33.11 £1,563.77

For couples

Room typeNo.Rent per week (inc. VAT at 4%)Maximum rent per month (31 days)Deposit Amount payable in advanceMonthly electricity charge*Council Tax (per year)**
Double En suite Study Bedroom4£375.07£1,661.00£400£2,131.07£0£0
Accessible Studio B Flat2£448.38£1,985.66 £750£2,819.42 £33.11£1,563.77
Studio Flat A (large – for couples)16£450.34 £1,994.37 £750£2,828.50£33.11£1,563.77
One Bedroom Flat47£531.37£2,353.20 £750£3,202.46£43.83 £1,787.17

For families

Room typeNo.Rent per week (inc. VAT at 4%)Maximum rent per month (31 days)Deposit Amount payable in advance Monthly electricity charge*Council Tax (per year)**
Small Two Bedroom Flat (one child)23£573.59£2,540.19 £750£3,397.34£57.02£2010.57
Large Two Bedroom Flat (two children)12£601.40£2,663.35£750£3,525.70 £69.44£2010.57
Three-Bedroom Flat (three children)4£673.62£2,983.17£750£3,859.0173.24 £2,457.37

Accessible accommodation

Room typeNo. Rent per week (inc. VAT at 4%)Maximum rent per month (31 days)Deposit Amount payable in advanceMonthly electricity charge*Council Tax (per year)**
Accessible Single En suite Study Bedroom5£355.12£1,572.67£400£2,039.01N/A£0
Accessible Studio Flat2£448.38 £1,985.66 £750£2,819.42£33.11£1,563.77

*Electricity charges

Electricity is charged monthly in advance. This is the fixed electricity charge that you will be required to pay each month. The charges above are until 31 August 2024. The rates from 1 September 2024 will be updated as soon as we know these.

**Council Tax

Council Tax is a local authority tax paid to Camden Council (our local government authority) and this money is used to pay for local services such as schools, rubbish collection, roads and street lighting. Each domestic property is liable for this tax irrespective of whether you are a temporary or permanent resident.

Only flats and studios in William Goodenough House are liable for Council Tax. The Council Tax is a personal liability. You may be liable for full or partial exemption and you will need to assess your family situation and provide the relevant proof to Camden Council, after receiving a bill, to gain the exemption.

Full time students are eligible for an exemption of 100%. However, if you will be living at the College with another adult over the age of 18, they are then liable for the full or a discounted amount. See below for examples:

Resident 1 (main applicant to the College)Resident 2 Adult over the age of 18 living with you - normally partner or spouseWhat % of Council Tax will you pay?
Full time studentNot a student and UK national or has the right to live indefinitely in the UK75% of the full amount
Full time studentNon-student from outside the UK may be eligible to apply for a discount (see below)*0%
Full time studentFull time student0%
Not a full-time studentNot a student and UK national or has the right to live indefinitely in the UK100% of the full amount
Not a full-time studentFull time student75% of the full amount
Not a full-time studentNon-student from outside the UK may be eligible to apply for a discount (see below)*75% of the full amount

*Some partners and spouses may be eligible for a discount, for instance, if they are here on a dependent visa which was granted with the condition ‘no recourse to public funds’ or a prohibition on employment endorsed in their passport or on their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).

If you stay for a week or two or a couple of months before or after the official end date of your course you will be liable to pay the full Council Tax for this time as you will not be a full time student. The amount will be charged pro-rata for the months in that financial year. The rate will increase at the start of each financial year – 1 April.

The advice given here is for information only and the College is not liable if the rules change for exemptions or if they are interpreted differently by Camden Council. You are advised to determine your own liability for Council Tax.

Further information on Council Tax

If you require accessible accommodation to meet a specific housing need, for instance if you are a wheelchair user, the accommodation will be charged at the lowest room rate the College offers for this accommodation type.

We have a range of Scholarships available to help potential and current Members who might need financial support to meet the cost of their accommodation.

Rent is calculated per night and on arrival at the College you will be billed each month on the 1st of the month for your rent for the next month. You can pay your rent when at the College by Direct Debit, credit/debit card, or bank transfer.  The College does not accept cash payments or American Express. For months with less than 31 days the rent will be charged for the number of days in that month.

Our rents are inclusive of heating, hot water and wi-fi. Those in flats and studios will pay a monthly charge for electricity and may also be liable for Council Tax.  There are no other charges added to rents.

In the UK a tax called VAT (Value Added Tax) is levied on all goods and services. This tax is normally 20%.

Each College Member pays the higher rate of VAT (20%) for the first 28 days of their stay and then the lower rate (4%) from day 29 until the end of their stay. Accommodation fees, including higher rate of VAT, will have already been paid as part of your initial payment and this is credited to your first month’s rent. You are not eligible to reclaim this VAT.

Advance payment charges

You will be required, on signing of your contract, to pay online;

  • A deposit of £400 in single or double rooms, £750 in studios and flats. This is to cover damage or unpaid fees and will be returned when you leave with any deductions made for damage, breakages or unpaid fees.
  • An advanced payment equal to 28 days rent on your allocated room type at the 20% VAT rate. This is credited to your accommodation bill once you have arrived. If you withdraw before arrival some or all of this will be returned depending on how much notice you give that you will not be taking up the accommodation. To have the full amount returned you must give 28 days or more notice from the expected date of arrival.

Goodenough benefits

Many of our communal events are free for Members, as well as our regular dining-in nights, lectures, sports and social nights. Members also benefit from:

  • Free wi-fi throughout the private rooms and flats and the public areas of the College.
  • Free or subsidised social, cultural, musical and academic events – there were over 250 events last year
  • Funded clubs and societies (65 last year)
  • Trips to The Burn in Scotland as well as academic seminars in Europe
  • Invitations to black-tie dinners and free regular College communal dining-in events
  • An in-house maintenance team to sort out any problems in your room or flat as soon as possible
  • All bedding and towels provided on arrival
  • 24-hour Reception Teams
  • Secure, free bike storage
  • 24-hour libraries
  • Contents insurance for your room or flat
  • 15% discount on food in the Great Hall and Freddie’s
  • Two bars
  • Music rooms and an art room
  • Discounted gym membership and subsidised tennis court

You will find that the College offers very favourable contractual terms allowing you to give 28 days’ notice after the first three months. In addition we have a scheme to allow you to sublet your accommodation if you are away (and a ready market of keen Alumni who want to sublet your room or flat).