The financial assistance offered through our Scholarship programme opens up the Goodenough community, attracting postgraduate students who will benefit most from what we offer and have the most to give to the life of the College. 

Goodenough Scholarships

The diversity of the Goodenough College community is what sets us apart. Our Members are drawn from around 95 different countries and varied socio-economic backgrounds, they study subjects ranging from Bioengineering to Opera Performance and bring a host of talent, interests and experience to College life.

The financial assistance offered through our Scholarship programme opens up the Goodenough community, attracting postgraduate students who will benefit most from what we offer and have the most to give to the life of the College. It can be expensive to live and study in London – find out more about accommodation costs and living costs.

“The Scholarship will have a long-term impact as I take my newfound knowledge, skills and experiences back to South Sudan and share them with others. Everything I have learnt here is preparing me for the future and will help me to do great things when I get home.”

Ambrose Odoch

Goodenough College Member

In 2024-25 the College will be awarding over £740,000 in Scholarships (currently around a quarter of Members receive some financial assistance from the College). Find out more about some of the Scholars who have benefited from our Scholarships programme.

Funded by our dedicated Alumni, long standing partners, fundraising and the College itself, the programme includes both Residential Scholarships, that contribute to rent, and Community Scholarships that contribute to food, the Member experience and emergency financial assistance.

For those Members who find themselves in unexpected financial difficulty during their time at Goodenough, our emergency fund (The Mecklenburgh Fund) can ease the pressure, allowing them to focus on getting the most out of their studies and College life.

Partner Scholarships

In addition to the Scholarships administered by the College we are fortunate to be able to link potential Members to a number of Scholarships provided through partnerships with other academic bodies or institutions. The application procedures for these Scholarships vary depending on the organisation involved.

We are the first choice for Scholars from a wide range of international schemes, including: CheveningMarshallFulbright, Commonwealth, Windle Trust, Cara, and Rotary Scholars.

Other partners include Holroyd Howe and the London Goodenough Association of Canada (LGAC), a nationwide association of former residents and supporters of the College, which provides six Scholarships to help talented Canadian students to live at Goodenough. (The deadline date for LGAC’s 2024-25 scholarships is 26 January 2024 – visit the LGAC website for details on how to apply.)

How to apply

If you wish to apply for any partner Scholarship schemes, please check their websites and application procedures.

Applications for a number of Goodenough Scholarships (see list below) can be made at the same time as submitting your application to live at the College. (Before starting your application please read our advice on what to include in your application and on how to apply for our scholarships.)  You will hear the outcome of your application for a Scholarship at the same time as your application to live at the College.

See below for details of the Goodenough administered Scholarships available for the 2024-2025 academic year.

If you have any questions please contact our Admissions Officers, Prudence or Angela: Email: tel: +44 (0) 20 7520 1575

ScholarshipDetailsMax number of years Number availableMonetary amount
Goodenough Black Futures ScholarshipAny Black and mixed-Black heritage sutdents from a medium or low HDI country studying on a one-year master's course12Between £7,035 and £14,070
Goodenough British Student ScholarshipBritish nationals or someone with the right of abode in the UK applying from the UK on a one-year course 11£7,000
Goodenough CheveningA partnership Scholarship with the Chevening Secretariat11£14,070
Goodenough Commonwealth ScholarshipA one-year master's course from the Commonwealth11£14,070
Goodenough Family ScholarshipsFamilies coming to live at the College, covers from 1-4 years of study41£13,025
Goodenough Giving Day ScholarshipsA one-year master's course114Between £3,520 and £14,070
Goodenough International A one-year master's course (not from the Commonwealth)11£14,070
Goodenough PhD Scholarships Enrolled on or due to start a PhD course or enrolled on an MPhil or MRes course with the intention to upgrade to a PhD 46£7,035
Chairman's Residence (musician) ScholarshipA music performance course11£14,070
Sam Goodenough ScholarshipA one-year master's course from the Commonwealth17£3,520
Canadian Women's Health ScholarshipA woman studying a one year master's course in global health from the global South.11£14,000
Chevening, Commonwealth or Marshall ScholarshipsA limited number of those awarded a Chevening, Commonwealth or Marshall Scholarship from a medium or low HDI country124£3,150
Chevening, Commonwealth or Marshall ScholarshipA Ukrainian Chevening Scholar generously funded by the Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Family Foundation11£3,000
Goodenough Bloomsbury Institute / Santa Maria Education ScholarshipA Paraguayan student identified by the Santa Maria Education Fund in Paraguay11£12,000
Rowland Scholarship – supported by Intersticia UKA one-year master's course11£14,000
Sir Abraham Bailey ScholarshipsAwarded to a South African national. Abe Bailey Bursars are encouraged to apply13Between £7,035 and £14,070
Ola Bergman Memorial A one-year master's in engineering or an allied field11£6,000
Fox ScholarshipsA one-year master's course12£4,500
Barry Kanesu ScholarshipA one-year master's course from Asia, in memory of Barry Kanesu, Alumnus of Goodenough College11£3,882
Amelia Wise ScholarshipA one-year master's course11£14,000
Holroyd Howe Meal Scholarships150 meals to be taken in the Great Hall, generously donated by the College's caterer Holroyd Howe13£900